OnStar Microphone Adapter Schwarttzy GM Hummer H3



  1. Curt Shepard Avatar

    Does the mic adapter use the Aux In jack? How do you pull the new male-to-male wire?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      The Microphone Adapter only works with an aftermarket radio

  2. I have a 2010 gmc canyon I’m pretty sure my onstar mic is the same as the one in your H3, think the adapter would work for me in my truck?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Brad!

      I am confident that the OnStar Microphone Adapter will work just fine with your 2010 GMC Canyon.

  3. How did you run this back up to the onstar mic? When i do it i want it to be right.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Took me less than a half-hour with a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a small flat blade. Behind the dash, I was able to feed the 3.5mm headphone wire without removing anything. I did need to gain access to behind the radio but that is super easy by just carefully sticking two fingers in cigarette lighter sockets and gently pulling up. After that, removing the driverside pillar trim is easy. I just pop out the cap using the flat blade and remove the one Phillips screw that holds the trim on. The tricky part is removing the sun visor because it takes a couple of minutes to align the 3 screws again with the plastic plate in the ceiling. After that connecting up the microphone, just put everything back and the installation is all finished.

      1. Followed these instructions and had it routed in 15 mins! Thank you for the part!

      2. Do you have a video on this

        1. Schwarttzy Avatar

          Hello Harold,

          I don’t have a video as of May 7th, 2024. I plan to create a video soon, but this part is extremely simple to use. It just plug into the microphone on one end and the other plugs into 3.5mm standard headphone wire to connect up to the aftermarket radio.

  4. Hey this is just what I’m looking for, wll this work in my 2011 Silverado, and I see it’s backordered, roughly what is the wait time?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I got a batch of them in on Monday. I’m gonna be making even more in the next day or two. Order when ready

  5. Tom Tibortz Avatar

    Could I use this adapter to tap in to the microphone so that microphone still works with the OnStar and also to the aftermarket radio? Looking to use this on a 2004 H2 Hummer

    Basically using the adapter and connecting all the wires together, versus unplugging and plugging in.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I don’t think that’ll work out to well.

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