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OnStar Microphone Adapter Schwarttzy GM Hummer H3 – Schwarttzy

OnStar Microphone Adapter Schwarttzy GM Hummer H3

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    1. Took me less than a half-hour with a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a small flat blade. Behind the dash, I was able to feed the 3.5mm headphone wire without removing anything. I did need to gain access to behind the radio but that is super easy by just carefully sticking two fingers in cigarette lighter sockets and gently pulling up. After that, removing the driverside pillar trim is easy. I just pop out the cap using the flat blade and remove the one Phillips screw that holds the trim on. The tricky part is removing the sun visor because it takes a couple of minutes to align the 3 screws again with the plastic plate in the ceiling. After that connecting up the microphone, just put everything back and the installation is all finished.

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