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My name is Eric Schwarz, but I go by Schwarttzy, and this is my website that I designed. I like to build websites, specializing in handwritten WordPress Themes. I also sell custom off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. Finally, I’m a Professional Skydiver… I actually get paid to jump out of airplanes.

H3 Hummer Parts

My passion for going off-road began with a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I quickly lost control and built an off-road beast. I love that Grand Cherokee, but with time I realized I had the spec sheet of an H3 Hummer. Don’t get me wrong, my H3 will probably never perform off-road as well as that Jeep. But that Jeep will never drive on-road as well as my Hummer. So I sold the Jeep, purchased the Hummer and wanted to get some basic parts so I could hit the trails. I designed and built my first set of rock sliders and took off from there. I’ve got two new designs in the works right now, a true hands-free calling and music Bluetooth device, and a Hi-Lift / CB Antenna Mount / Bottle opener coming soon.

Website Designer / Developer

I specialize as a WordPress Theme developer, a few theme’s I give away for free on WordPress.org and have premium content too. I also build everything from the ground up using GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers running Centos 7. Basically, it’s a LAMP stake server with Centos 7, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7. I like to avoid using JavaScript and instead rely on HTML5 & CSS3 tricks. Not to get too technical, I make websites where the client can manage their website without me with little to no website knowledge. Websites I build have the same amount of difficulty that Microsoft Office takes to print a paper.

Need a website? Please contact me using the form on this page.


I like to get paid to jump out of “Perfectly Good Airplanes.” Basically, I got a rating, to be pilot in command, through the United States Parachute Association and United Parachute Technologies that allows me to haul meat out of an airplane for cash. I’m an AFFI, which is the fancy way of saying that I can give anyone that meets the minimum requirements a license to skydive. However, my true passion has become shooting outside video now. I’d like to become known in the community for great outside videography. Then I would non-stop tour the boogies. For now, though, I just want share pictures and video of Freefly, Angle, building huge Hybrids, Pro-Rated jumps (also referred to as demonstration jumps), and above all others a Rogue Skydive.

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The Spartan Chin is a skydiving camera mount for use with the G3 Cookie Helmet and a GoPro Session or a GoPro Session 5. Instead of mounting the camera on top of the helmet which most skydivers traditionally choose, I decided to change directions and mount the camera as close as possible on the chin for some key benefits for myself. Before exiting the plane when I'm fun-jumping, I can read the screen on my GoPro and see that it is recording without taking my helmet off or bothering someone else to check the recording status. The extra headroom is quite helpful for the muscles in my neck and also helps reduce the number of scratches to the GoPro's lens. When I happen to jump on a Pro-Rated Skydive, or perhaps land off, I have handy a packing tool with me.

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Slide over rocks and through the mud without getting stuck, with 1/4 inch thick skid plates extending the H3 Hummer Under Body Protection 4' x 2', completely protecting the transmission and transfer case from damage. The skid plates come painted black, and with to brackets for mounting. Huge, flat, and smooth, these skid plates truly shine in the deep mud or snow helping you to easily slide on down the trail, when the 35" tires just can't quite reach the ground.

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The H3 Quick n' Simple Auxiliary Audio Input is back in-stock while supplies last June 11th, 2018! The H3 Quick n’ Simple Auxiliary Audio Input is a plug and play 3.5mm audio input wiring harness for the H3 Hummer factory radio. This wiring harness only minutes to install, works flawlessly, and is easy to use. Once installed, just plug a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the wiring harness and the other end into your phone. Press the button labeled "Band" on the factory radio until you see "XM". Do not worry, an XM-Sirus satellite subscription isn't necessary for the Quick n' Simple Auxiliary Input. When done listening to the music on the phone, just unplug the 3.5mm headphone jack and XM-Sirus satellite will work normally again.

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The H3 Hummer High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts completely replace the entire rear axle leaf spring bolt plate. Designed to be used with 2" longer shackles but not required, these mounts eliminate all the issues with the factory leaf spring mount. An increased ground clearance protects from ripped up leaf spring mounts, stops broken U-Bolts, bend shock mounts, and allows for the factory spec shock ride height with the optional longer shackles. The Leaf Spring Mounts are laser cut from 1/4 inch steel and bent with relief cuts out of one solid piece of metal, making it a part that's bolted on and forgotten about.

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Lift the rear suspension 1 1/4 inches with these shackles for the H3 Hummer. Extended 2 inches longer than the factory, these shackles help out with maintaining the forward rake after leveling the front-end for better gas mileage and gaining those extra few inches for off-road. These shackles add extra confidence in tight turns because of the strength that these 1/4 inch thick steel and 1/8 inch braced shackles give you over the factory stamped shackles.

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All of the theme's on WordPress.org are created, developed, and maintained free of charge by the author. The author of this theme, Schwarttzy, offers a premium version that includes additional features to enhance your experience. This premium version of Semper Fi Lite supports the author by offsetting the many hours of work being put into the theme. For incentive, the premium version of Semper Fi Lite includes additional features to customize the theme with. Many of these options, list of these options are just below, are not available in the free version. Additionally, the author has offered to make minor custom changes to the Semper Fi Lite code for further customization. However, the author is still going to support the free versions when issues of bugs or errors in the code are found.

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Super heavy duty rocker panel protection rock slider for the H3 Hummer protect the body right below the doors. Bounce the Hummer off rocks, trees, and whatever happens to get stuck underneath there without worrying about damage. Built to take a beating, the square tubing is a quarter inch thick, the mounts are a half inch thick, the circle tubing is standard DOM roll cage tubing .2 inches thick and they weight in at 84lb. each. Basically, never worry about crushing the rocker panels again.

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Fix that dark spot on the H3 & H3T Dashboard at night with the HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs, sold as a pack of 5. The HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs are direct replacements for the burnt out HVAC light bulbs on GM HVAC Dashboards, 4x4 Controls, and also the Door Lock / Window Controls. These light bulbs are only held on to the PCB board by a quarter turn which makes these light bulbs extremely quick and easy to replace. Be sure to contact me for any issues with replacing the light bulbs in your H3 HUMMER.

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The H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount bolts on to the Hummer with no permanent modification required to mount an 8,000lb. winch. The winch mount is excessively strong, made from 3/8" steel for unquestionable strength and reliability. Secured in place with 4 bolt massive bolts, 2 x 5/8" and 2 x 3/4". Easily installed in a day, and most of that time is just properly relocating the control box solenoid. Designed to used with an Aluminum Hawse Fairlead and Synthetic Rope, providing the best in safety and strength. In stock, and ready to ship.

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Thank you for downloading and installing the WordPress Theme "Adventure." I hope that you enjoy it and that I can continue to create these beautiful themes for years to come. But, if you could take a moment and become acutely aware that I have created this Theme and other themes free of charge, and while I'm not looking to get rich, I really like creating these themes for you guys. Which is why I offer additional customization of "Adventure" when you support me and install the "Adventure+" on your WordPress. If you're interested in supporting my work, or need some of the addition features in "Adventure+" just purchase it using the "Add to Cart" button above. Thanks again, Eric Schwarz

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H3 Hummer & SmittyBilt Winch

I had to share this photo of a customer of mine installing their brand new Schwarttzy.com Hidden Winch Mount for the H3 Hummer and SmittyBilt H20 10,000lb winch. This guy is living it up with that Alpha 5.3L V8 and brand new winch. Note that I recommend getting a Hawse Fairlead like this one from X-Bull so that it fits neatly in the bummer. Once you have a winch, your never stuck… it’s just a matter of time. If you have any questions or comments be sure to contact me using the form here.

Alpha H3 Hummer

Last Wednesday I purchased a 2008 H3 Hummer Alpha. I didn’t want to purchase another H3, but being able to tow my travel trailer dictated otherwise. As a skydiver by trade, I follow the warm weather to maximize my earnings. Only I had a problem. I wasn’t giving up my Luxury Package. I wasn’t giving up my Adventure Package. And I had to have the V8. Which meant I was looking for one of the most desirable true off-road SUV with a V8 engine from the factory. Let me back up a bit here. The factory H3 Hummer was typically Continue Reading

July 4th Overload

End of June and into the first few weeks of July are always the busiest weeks of my life right now. I just skydived into Naval Station Great Lakes on Tuesday, I jumped into the Bartlett Illinois Fourth of July Festival yesterday, Chicagoland Skydiving Center Independence Boogie is happening at my place of work all week, the Spartan Chin GoPro mounts are selling fast (have mentioned that I have hero 3, 4, 5, and 6… haven’t had time to put them on website yet), and Hummer parts are selling fast lately. However, that’s not the point of this post. Instead, Continue Reading

Join Our Flock

Got a new video to share of Skydiving Memorial weekend flocking with experienced skydiving canopy pilots at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. The minimum wing loads to be able to keep up was 2.4 lbs / square foot, mean all of these canopies are coming out of the sky fast. I had the job of driving the formation. Driving the formation means that I set the speed by varying the front risers, rear risers, brakes, or some combination of those inputs so that we all can flock together just like the bird heading north for summer. If you like the video please Continue Reading

New Extend Leaf Spring Shackles!

Schwarttzy.com has been getting some backlash from the Extended Leaf Spring Shackles, rightful so… they’re exact copies of Samco. Copying wasn’t my intention, I asked for a similar design… ended up with $1,000 of exact copies. Long story short, this is the redesign I’ve been working on to correct this wrong. This is the first sample of the redesigned Shackle. The new version is going to have a thickness of 5/16 inch, has been reshaped and shaved of excess material, first go at laser etching, and I hope to reduce the cost with a weld-less design. I only have 7 Continue Reading

Blackstone Laboratories – Oil Reports

Next time that vehicle is up for an oil change, I recommend getting the used oil analyzed at Blackstone Laboratories. “Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what’s in the oil.” Source Located in Fort Wayne Indiana, Blackstone Laboratories provide an easy to understand report of the vehicles engine condition. The test kit from Blackstone is completely free, so there is no reason not to have a test kit laying around. Head over to this page and fill out the form to get a test kit. The process was completely Continue Reading

Black Plastic Restored

For longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve been trying to find a solution to the aged plastic trim on my H3 Hummer. The Trim on the vehicle has taken quite the beating from the sun, weather, and years of driving. This damage has left the plastic with this blotchy grey-ish chalk white color. I’ve tried a bunch of products that claim to restore the look, like Mothers Back-to-Black Trim and Plastic Restorer, but they barely last a few days. I can’t bring myself to use Plasti Dip or Bed Liner because it looks half-ass. The heat gun trick didn’t Continue Reading

CB Radio

The Citizen Band Radio, or CB Radio, is one of the most important parts to equip a 4×4 vehicle with. A CB Radio is a requirement for most organized Off-Road events. Despite its old design, the CB Radio is a very effective tool for keeping everyone safe on the trail. In an age of cell phones, Facebook Messenger, and a hundred other things you’d think that the CB Radio would be a thing of the past, but honestly, it’s just as relevant as ever. What makes the CB radio a valuable tool for communication on the 4×4 trails is the Continue Reading

H3 Upgraded Battery

Next time the battery in an H3 Hummer dies, I recommend getting the Optima Battery 8022-091 75/25 Red Top or 8042-218 D75/25 Yellow Top instead of a factory replacement. Although, the Optima D75/25 is much bigger than the factory battery and will not fit inside that plastic box… but who cares about that box. Personally, I think that plastic box is just there to add a distraction from the small battery and the non-GM labeling of the battery. So I ditched that factory hummer plastic box that the battery was hiding inside of, and dropped in a much bigger battery in Continue Reading

Leaky Sunroof

A few months ago I fixed an issue where the sunroof on my H3 Hummer wouldn’t properly drain the water. Which would make for a surprise after a particularly heavy rainfall. The problem was from going off-road with the Hummer and flinging mud and debris everywhere with the sunroof wide open. By design, all sunroofs leak which is why they have tubes to drain the water. If the mud and debris is forgotten about and never cleaned out, it tends to get jammed in the tubes. Once the H3 Hummer sunroof tubes are clogged, the water has no way drain Continue Reading

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