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WordPress Theme Semper Fi

An opensource WordPress theme that can be used on your website.

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WordPress Theme Adventure

WordPress Theme that tries to persuade the user that they're not sitting behind a computer.

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Skydiving Mini Packing Tool

A convenient packing tool for closing skydiving containers. Fits nicely inside the pocket on the reserve side ring cover.

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G4 Cookie Skydiving Camera Mount

Simple mount for G4 Cookie Helmet for all GoPro Models

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G3 Cookie Skydive Camera Mount

Non-destructive easy-to-install camera mounts for the G3 Cookie Helmet with packing tool.

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Cookie Skydiving Hand Mount Insert

The best hand camera Tandem Instructor video setup.

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Bonehead Aero Helmet Camera Mount

Camera mount for the Bonehead Composites Aero skydiving helmet

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2023 Legends Jersey

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H3 Hummer

Rock Sliders H3 Hummer

Heavy-duty rocker panel protection for the serious off-road enthusiast.

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OnStar Microphone Adapter H3 Hummer

An adapter that makes it easy to connect the Factory OnStar Microphone to an aftermarket Radio

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Modular Tire Carrier

Adjust the spare tire height from 31-inches to 39-inches, pre-cut holes for mounting. Future Hi-lift, CB-antenna, shovel, Jerry Can, and bottle opener brackets in development.

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HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

An exact replacement for burnt out OEM HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs, five to a pack.

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Hi-Lift Jack / CB Antenna / Bottle Opener

Mount for a Hi-Lift Jack, CB Antenna, and a Bottle Opener on the Modular Tire Carrier

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H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount

Mount an 8,000lb or bigger winch inside the factory H3 Hummer bumper. Synthetic rope recommended.

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H3 Backup Camera Mount

A simple mounting bracket for hiding a backup camera inside the factory tire.

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Extended Leaf Spring Shackles H3 Hummer

Lift the rear suspension 1 1/2 inches, matches a front torsion bar crank perfectly.

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4th Gen High Clearance Leaf Spring Bolt Plate H3 Hummer

4th Gen - Better ground clearance, stronger bracket, off-road improved shock mounting location

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2nd Gen Skid Plates, Under Body Protection

2nd Generation 1/4 inch thick and 4-Foot Long by 2-Foot wide skid plates to protect the H3 Hummer underbody

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2nd Gen Light Bar Brackets

Simple bolt-on light bar brackets for the H3 Hummer.

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H3 Hummer Skydiving & WordPress

I like to build websites, specializing in handwritten WordPress Themes. I also sell custom off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. But my real job is skydiving. Literally jumping out of airplanes for money. Anyway, Skydiving, H3 Hummer stuff, and WordPress are pretty much what this website is about.

H3 Hummer Parts

It all began with a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I modified to fit 31-inch tires. After that, it was all downhill after that. Eventually, I built an off-road beast. I enjoyed that Grand Cherokee, but I had the spec sheet of an H3 Hummer. While my H3 is not going to perform off-road as well as that Jeep. That Jeep will never ride as nice as the Hummer on-road. I sold that Jeep, purchased the H3 Hummer, and needed some basic parts for the trails. I started off with a set of rock sliders (rocker panel protection) and then just kept designing the next part I wanted.

Then there is the CB / Hi-Lift / Shovel / Bottle Opener custom adjustable height tire carrier I’m working on. I have this leveling platform I’ve been thinking about, so I can fold down the seats and slide a mattress in the back. With the mattress and leveling platform, I would have an impromptu lightweight Overlanding idea of sorts. Thinking about finally creating a bracket for an ARB High Output On-Board Air Compressor because I’m getting tired of finding good gas stations with good air to get the tires from 14PSI back up to 35PSI

Website Designer / Developer

Sometimes I specialize as a WordPress Theme developer. There are a couple of free themes on that I’ve written and also a few premium plugins to add in extra features. Everything is written from scratch and ran on a GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers running Centos 7, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7. I completely avoid using JavaScript for fear of conflicts. Using HTML5 & CSS3 tricks to their full potential. All so the customer can manage their own website without any help. Comparatively, managing the website is just as easy as using Microsoft Office.

Need a website? Contact me using the form on this page.


I jump out of “Perfectly Good Airplanes.” Mostly, I’m taking people on their first skydive. But now and then I also get to fun jump too. I also teach students how to skydive, signing off on their A-license requirements. Sometimes, I join people on their first skydive and shoot photos and videos for them. While falling at 120mph, I fly up in front of the tandem student and start playing with them. Typically I start by trying to get them to high-five. Next, I try to get the tandem student to hold onto my ankles and spin them around, and I like to finish up by playing rock paper scissors right before pull time. Watching their faces light up with excitement is so much fun.

However, there is more to Skydiving than making money. Check out these fun jumping videos!


2nd Gen Rock Sliders H3 & H3T Hummer

I’m excited to announce that 2nd Generation H3 Hummer Rock Sliders are nearly in production. The goal has been to improve upon the design while addressing issues. The most important issue being addressed is bringing down the cost of shipping. I also wanted a modular design to be able to implement new features. Even so far as custom design requested features. Then I want to completely eliminate the issues with the sliders rusting. Finally, there is the issue of reducing the cost along with being able to say confidently that these parts are without compromise. Fuel prices are way up, Continue Reading → 2nd Gen Rock Sliders H3 & H3T Hummer

TPMS Sensor & Keyless Entry Fix H3 Hummer

Earlier this year, I started having issues with the keyless entry. The distance at which the remote worked kept reducing week by week. I also had the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light turn on, despite having replaced all of them with brand-new ones. I didn’t realize the two issues were related and started by replacing the battery in the keyless remote entry. However, that did nothing to help fix the issue. Continuing on down the process of eliminating possible ways of fixing the problem, I thought wrong that the remotes were going bad. So I bought some new OEM Continue Reading → TPMS Sensor & Keyless Entry Fix H3 Hummer

August Update

Hey H3 Hummer Off-Road lovers, it’s time for an update about the parts and the new shop. Check out the video on YouTube below for a full rundown. As for cliff notes of what has been happening. First, the new shop that was going to laser cut, bend, and for those non-welded parts also powder coat the steel parts for us. Well, they can’t meet the requirements of quality I demand when it comes to laser etching. I want beautiful logos, torque specs, and instructions to be permanently laser engraved into the parts. This is why I have moved on Continue Reading → August Update

New shop & Tig Welded Parts

I like to think that every challenge is just an opportunity to improve and move to a better position. I’ve parted ways with the company that produced all of the H3 Hummer parts for the last 10+ years. However, I look at this as an opportunity to finally reach some goals I’ve wanted for a while. I’ve never been satisfied with the quality of the welds. I felt limited in the quantities I wanted to order and also with the speed of revisions I wanted to incorporate into the designs. Then there was the time it took to ship out Continue Reading → New shop & Tig Welded Parts

Broken Header Bolts

Years ago I permanently fixed an exhaust leak on my GM equipped LH8 5.3 V8 Alpha H3 Hummer and I think everyone with an LS engine should know about the ARP Chromoly Header Bolt Kit. However, those ARP bolts alone won’t completely fix the annoying sound of an exhaust leak. If the problem is anything similar, a brand new header is going to be needed to completely eliminate the unhealthy engine noise. When I first discovered the exhaust leak the issue could be temporarily fixed by tightening the bolts that hold the headers on. However, every month I would be Continue Reading → Broken Header Bolts

The website was down

I’ll start by saying that don’t have plans to stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing here on any time soon. I’m still selling the off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. I’m working on a huge update for the WordPress Theme – Adventure that is taking me forever to finish. Then there is the G4 Cookie Skydiving Camera Mount that I’m still working on. I didn’t notice that the website broke sometime early on Saturday. On Sunday, when a customer mentioned issues with the website I was shocked to see the website wasn’t working. The WordPress installation was Continue Reading → The website was down

Hi-Lift CB Antenna & Bottle Opener Mount

Custom H3 Hummer prototypes take a lot of time to design develop. Which is why it always so exciting to announce and share when progress has been made. Today, the last major obstacle in the design phase of the Hi-Lift, CB Antenna, and Bottle Opener mount has been cleared. The parts bolt up, although a bit of persuasion is need to so that it is tight and strong mount. What’s left is minor change to the angle of the bottle opener for clearance. Then I’m working on a part to inexpensive space the Hi-Lift to mount in the center to Continue Reading → Hi-Lift CB Antenna & Bottle Opener Mount

H3 Hummer ARB 0750007B Differential Cover Install

An important Off-Road accessory for all solid axle-equipped off-road vehicles is the heavy-duty differential cover. The HD Diff Cover protects the Ring & Pinion from damage where one of the tightest tolerance torque maneuvers happens. The Ring & Pinion is where the engine’s torque gets turn 90-degree to drive the axle shafts. With the precision of the tolerances being so tight is why the H3 Hummer needs the protection for aggressive off-road trails. I used to suggest a different HD Diff Cover because it was inexpensive and worked great. However, after watching the Power Banks videos on YouTube where they Continue Reading → H3 Hummer ARB 0750007B Differential Cover Install

TFLnow Championship H3

Just a few days ago Adam, a customer of, reviewed his awesome V8 powered Championship Edition H3 Hummer with Andre on the YouTube channel TFLnow. Being a fan of nearly all things automotive, I watch TFL’s YouTube Channels quite regularly for their reviews, adventures, and opinions on all types of vehicles. This video was a bit different than normal. First, it was a review of an H3 Hummer. Secondly, a few of the H3 Hummer parts sold on this website are mentioned name. When I heard getting a shoutout for the parts I’ve designed and sold I couldn’t Continue Reading → TFLnow Championship H3

Speakers Upgrade H3 & H3T Hummer

Purchase the Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers P1675-S and P1675 for the H3 & H3T Hummer to get the best combination of an inexpensive price and improved sound quality. For the H3 Hummers with the Monsoon Sound System, purchase the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 to replace the factory dual coil 8-inch subwoofer. Also, 2 packs of the Metra 72-4568 speaker harness adapters for GM vehicles are necessary to connect the door speakers without cutting the into the vehicle’s wires. The pair of P1675-S Punch Speakers work the best upfront because it is a mid-range speaker with a separate tweeter for the highs. Continue Reading → Speakers Upgrade H3 & H3T Hummer

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