Modular Tire Carrier


Adjust the spare tire height from 31-inches to 39-inches, pre-cut holes for mounting. Future Hi-lift, CB-antenna, shovel, Jerry Can, and bottle opener brackets in development.

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The modular tire carrier for the H3 Hummer is a bracket that is designed for mounting off-road accessories but has other features too. An H3 Hummer from the factory can only mount a maximum tire size of 35-inches. The modular tire carrier for the H3 Hummer has specific positions for 31-inch tires, all the way up to 39-inch tires. Precut holes top and bottom ready for customization of many different options. Separately purchased brackets make it easy to mount common off-road accessories like the Hi-Lift Jack and the military-style gas cans.

Get the Hi-Lift Jack / CB Antenna / Bottle Opener bracket and mount those accessories on the tailgate with the Modular Tire Carrier.

Drive Fast! Take Chances!

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 in