Updates & WooCommerce

In with the new, and out with the old. I’m dumping my old shopping cart software in favor of the more popular WooCommerce. If you’re interested in why, well I have my reasons. I’m theme developer, and I don’t need some shopping cart software attempting to do what I can do better. I would rather the shopping cart software use as many of the well polished built in WordPress features, instead of reinventing the wheel. Some other odds and ends also bothered me too. However those details are rather boring to explain. I’d like to make things fun for you and me. Suppose you find an issues with the website or the shopping cart that I have missed, I’ll hand out a discount for purchase. Something along the lines $5.00 off for purchases below $100, and $10 off anything over $100. If you happened to find an issue, please comment down below, or use the contact me page.

Working on that code

I’ve been hard at work for the last few months or so on how to introduce a new direction with website menus. Touch screen devices are every where, even my laptop has it, and I want to develop a menu that didn’t leave behind the old mouse and keyboard. This has been difficult for me to figure out a solution that I felt like it really worked. This is why development on my themes has tapered off lately. Been stuck on, “How” to include both devices and make it look good. I saw other websites get close to what I wanted, but when I looked at the code it just didn’t feel right. That is… until I came upon Vogue’s website. Their code does everything I was looking for. However, I like to write my own code, the menu feels more natural on the right, and I also wanted to power it with pure CSS. Now I’m in the trial stages testing out the new code on my website. (I’m actually taking a break to type this post.) There are a few bugs, because I just right clicked and saved my home page to start my developing environment. The dirty syntax of menus produced by WordPress is proving to be one of my biggest problems, because of how clean I wrote the menu in the testing page. I’m also cleaning something things up between Chrome and IE 11, because the test code was strictly built in Firefox. I’m also working […]

My H3 Hummer

About a month ago I finally managed to sell everything and purchase myself an ’06 H3 Hummer with only 41,000 Miles on the odometer. My Hummer has both the Adventure and Luxury packages, which means I have heated leather seats, a sunroof, the monsoon premium sound system with a sub-woofer, 4:1 Transfer case, 33 inch tires, and of course the rear locking differential from the factory. The ride is great, the gas miles is about 20 miles / gallon, and the sound system is much better than I though it would be. I also think that there must be some sort of sound-deading or something because the Hummer is incredibly absent of noise a highway speeds. I also found out that the thickness of the steering wheel is not like a normal car, it is much thicker and feels absolutely great in my hands. I’m not sure why or how, but I had SirusXM Satellite Radio for about month free, and when it got turned off I had to have it again. I started by looking up the prices of SirusXM and was immediately disappointed because of the pricing and wasn’t going to purchase it. But after some internet research, I found out that the trick to getting SirusXM at a price I’ll pay for, is to jump from promotion to promotion. To do this, all some one has to do is call in and ask for what ever the promotion they are currently offering, I got six months for […]