WordPress Theme Semper Fi

WordPress Theme Semper Fi

Thank you for visiting the official Theme Page for “Semper Fi” and “Semper Fi Lite.” I have spent countless hours working on this project and hope that you will enjoy it. I pride myself with the exemplary remarks I get with customer service. Please contact me so that I can take care of an issues to come across in my themes. If you're looking to get more features for Semper Fi Lite, I offer a premium version Semper Fi. The premium version includes a set of extra features not available in the free version from WordPress.

Thanks again,
Eric Schwarz

WordPress Theme Semper Fi - Details

Installing Semper Fi

After purchasing Semper Fi a custom link will become available to download the premium version. The file format is a simple zip file. Nothing needs to be done with the zip file, WordPress will do the rest of the work for us.

  1. Download Semper Fi
  2. From the Admin Dash panel navigate to “Appearance > Themes” in the menu on the leftNavigate Appearance WordPress Theme Semper Fi
  3. At the top of the screen click the button “Add New” to the right of the word “Themes”Add new WordPress Theme Semper Fi
  4. Next to the text “Add Theme” click the button “Upload Theme”Upload Theme WordPress Semper Fi
  5. Click the button “Browse”, then find and select the zipped file.Upload WordPress Theme Semper Fi
  6. Finally click the button labeled “Install Now”

Now, under your Appearance Tab, in the Themes directory you should now have your new theme under the name “Semper Fi” or “Semper Fi Lite.”

Customizing Theme

Customizing WordPress Theme Semper Fi all done in the “Theme Customizer.” The “Customizer” allows for visual edits to the theme only visual to the admin. No changes will be made, or are visualize to the visitor of the website until the customization are saved using the “Save & Publish” button at the top.Customize Semper Fi WordPress Theme

Add to Slider

Semper Fi has as pure CSS3 & HTML5 slider built right into the code. Adding a Post or Page to the slider is as easy as just selecting a check-box. The check-box is on the right side of a screen when editing a post or a page. In cases were removing the text from the slider, check the additional box labeled “Display Just Image”.Semper Fi Add to Slider WordPress


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