H3 Hummer PCM Programming

After some research using the internet on PCM’s and Tuning, I found out that I don’t have the latest tune / reflash from GM for my H3’s 2006 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 cylinder engine. I was able to check my vehicle by using a simple OBDII sensor I have and cross referencing numbers using TIS website by entering the VIN number. I compared the tune number from my previous post P0455 & P0442 ECU Fault Log H3 Hummer where the Vehicle Calibration ID on my vehicle as 12606370. The tune 12606370‘s description mentions that it is for “New software to address customer complaint of cruise being disabled.” Using my VIN number and selecting the option PCM/VCM Powertrain/Vehicle Control Module – Programming I’m able to see that the latest version is 12627884. The description of 12627884 says that it has “New software with driveability and fuel economy improvements achieved by decreasing the time TCC will be unlocked due to a misfire rough road event.” After reading about the improvements, Driveability and Fuel Economy, listed as an GM factory update I decided to get the newer tune from a GM dealership. Having driven on 12627884 for a few months now, I haven’t ever noticed and driveablity changes. The Fuel Economy does feel a bit better, I’d say 5 to 10 more miles per gas tank. Since I didn’t quite get the changes I’m looking for, in the future I’d like to try PCM of NC tune for H3 Hummers for […]

Updates & WooCommerce

In with the new, and out with the old. I’m dumping my old shopping cart software in favor of the more popular WooCommerce. If you’re interested in why, well I have my reasons. I’m theme developer, and I don’t need some shopping cart software attempting to do what I can do better. I would rather the shopping cart software use as many of the well polished built in WordPress features, instead of reinventing the wheel. Some other odds and ends also bothered me too. However those details are rather boring to explain. I’d like to make things fun for you and me. Suppose you find an issues with the website or the shopping cart that I have missed, I’ll hand out a discount for purchase. Something along the lines $5.00 off for purchases below $100, and $10 off anything over $100. If you happened to find an issue, please comment down below, or use the contact me page.

Under Construction

Just about to finish up with all the new code for my WordPress Theme Semper Fi version 16. Completely rewritten from the ground up with better code to meet the new standards in HTML5 & CSS3. The main reason for all of this new code was to be able to rapidly create new options in the Theme Customizer. I also want to include a option for a Slider, which is just for now on the home page. Later I plan to be able to make custom sliders for pages or posts. This slider is unique because it requires no JavaScript to work, it’s written purely in CSS3. This slider’s code is incredibly easy to work with too, just check one box before saving. I’ve also written a menu specifically for mobile users. It’s the one in the upper right corner, which is very touch friendly. Hundreds of other fixes and new features exist in the theme, but I’ll get to those at a later time.

H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount

Getting a winch on my H3 Hummer has been a goal for a while now. Originally I was going to use Defelice’s winch mount, but chose a different path nearly a year ago. Over that time period I’ve developed my own winch mount that hides inside the factory bumper. What I like most about my design, will be the difficultly recognizing it wasn’t made by Hummer. Currently I’m on my third version of the design and hope to have the fourth version be production ready. The H3 Hummer winch mount is laser cut from 3/8” inch steel to ensure that the design is plenty strong. So far with the testing I have done, it has proven to be plenty thick. As it stands now, the winch should cost in the $300-$400 range powder coated black. Update – Feburary 5th, 2013 Here’s the second video of me testing.

Drummond Island Trails

In the upper peninsula of Michigan, east of Mackinac Island is the off-road paradise, Drummond Island. What makes this Drummond Island unique is at you can’t just drive to it, you have to board a ferry head to the island. The off-road trails varies from mud bog trails in a boreal forests, to rock crawling on glacial rock deposits, and stone ridges over look Lake Huron. If run out of trails head over to the ORV Park, Turtle Ridge for more fun and excitement off-road. No matter what you drive Drummond Island’s off-road trails are great for stock vehicles, heavy modified vehicles, and even buggies. Drummond Island Off-Road Trail Map Special thanks to JK Experience for the photos.

Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park

Illinois’ only true Off-Road park for full size vehicles has some of the most unique wheeling that you will ever encounter. Nothing like the rocks in California, where traction is no problem on the granite. The mud at Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park is something of it’s own, adding another level to difficultly to off-roading… that most haven’t experienced. The hills are truly eroding underneath your feet as that vehicle works it’s heart out trying to climb up hills. The trails become quite interesting when you drop into a rut and literately let go of the steering wheel and stay on the trail. I generally like to avoid this kind of terrain, but it is just a tell for where I struggle driving off-road. Want to know if that super flexy buggy of your is all that, bring here and you’ll know just how good it is. Rain is huge factor at Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park on gauging how hard the trails are going to be. If it rain the day of or the day before, a stock vehicle isn’t going to be “running the trails.” Even mildly modified vehicles will struggle here. Trust me, Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park is something you just have to experience at least once in your life. Official Website -> Cliff’s Insane Terrain Park

Hell’s Revenge

In 2009, the week before Easter I headed to Moab, Utah so that we could avoid the Easter Jeep Safari. I wanted to be at the Easter Jeep Safari, but the group I was with decided that the trails would get so busy that Moab wouldn’t be as fun as the week before. I think that plan worked out great, because the amount of elbow room out there wouldn’t have been the same with bumping into other Jeep’s that weekend. Of course, I still would have liked to see all those different vehicles out on the trails. The off-road trail “Hell’s Revenge” is a legend in the 4×4 community, not because it is difficult, but because it’s a right of passage. Making it a must for any true off-road enthusiast. The trail head is located 9 minutes from the center of town up on a ridge. The trail intersects many times with one of the most famous mountain bike trails, “Slickrock Trail.” As the name of the mountain bike trail implies, the rock becomes very slick when wet and can easily make trails in Moab jump to the next level. The obstacle I find to be the most popular on Hell’s Revenge is “Mickey’s Hot Tub.” The name derives it name because it is a hole in the rock that can fit an entire vehicle and the temperatures get hot in there. Approached from the correct side, Mickey’s Hot Tub is extremely difficult and dangerous for short wheel base vehicles and vehicles with a high […]

Solid Axle Upgrade

The H3 Hummer has a solid AAM 860 axle in the rear of the vehicle that is commonly referred to as the GM 8.6. This axle that all H3 Hummers come equipped with from the factory is very well suited for the off-road application and hold up quite well. However the axle does have a partial flaw. The differential cover that seals the ring and pinion off from dirt and debris is not capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle, which can happen off-road. Underneath the differential cover is some of the most important parts of any vehicle, the ring & pinion, the spider gears, bearings, and also axle shafts. Those part turn the torque from the motor 90° and transferred onto the tires. This process of turning the torque 90° require a lot of precision to work properly. Being off even just a 1/16 of an inch can cause major problems. This is why I needed to protect my AAM 860 axle with an aftermarket heavy duty differential cover. Being a fan of company Solid Axle Industries, I decided to go with their solution for protecting my AAM 860 solid axle. Even though the company Solid Axle doesn’t sell heavy duty differential cover for AAM 860, they do have a product for the GM corporate 10 bolt cover which is also another name for the AAM 860. The heavy duty corporate 10 bolt cover is made from cast iron 3/8 inch thick and reinforced with thick nodular bracing, […]

Broken Bike

Between the Hummer Parts, adding features to the two current themes, and staying active in like sports I like, I haven’t had much time to myself. The other day I decided that I would finally get around to fixing my Kawasaki 2006 636 Ninja. After having some weird brake issue, and now the shifting has become difficult I thought I would take it upon myself to fix it. After series of bad events that was no one’s fault, I decided that I would do the work on my bike from now on. After some research I thought that the shifter drum and shifter forks had been worn because of my driving style. It made sense, that if the up-shifting was difficult on my Ninja, that the mechanism responsible for shifting would be worn or shaved in spots. At first I was just going to get the bike ready for doing the work by removing the fair and some other things, but I just couldn’t stop once I started. The bad news came when I finally got the bike completely apart. The shifter drum, shifter forks, and the gears all looked brand new when I finally got a look at the parts. Not a single scratch on anything, no marring, just shiny brand new looking metal. The oil was perfect, couldn’t have had more than 1000 miles on it and was very clean. I was disappointed that the parts I looked up and order had turned out to be just be […]

High Clearance Redesign

The other day I sold out of my High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts for the H3 Hummer, which makes me proud to say that I’m actually starting to make a business out of building off-road parts. Since I’m completely out of them at this moment I have decided to redesign them a bit so that they can be assembled with more precision when I welding. The main reason for this is to reduce the amount of time it takes for me to assemble them, but also to have a finished product that is esthetically more pleaseing to the eye. The redesign should also have the add benefit of making the leaf spring mounts even stronger than before. Of course there is no need for them to be any stronger, but why not I figure. Getting a bit off topic, but if you happen to purchase a set of High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts from me I recommend that you also purchase 2″ Extended Shackles too. The extended shackles bring the shock back to nearly factory specifications, giving the full range of articulation that GM intend for it and reducing the chance of bottoming out the shock which can cause damage. Enjoy some teaser photos of the new design coming.

Currently Working

Hey the website might look a little odd here or their, but that is just some construction going on. I have been rewriting all my code because of this crazy idea where I re-size the content based on “em” instead of pixels and so far it seems to work really well. Everything on the website and the shopping cart should still work completely fine even with the construction going on right now.

Romney Rally

I happened to attend the Mitt Romney Victory Rally in Cedar Rapids on October 24th, 2012 at the Landmark Aviation Airport. When I arrived at the airport I was immediately greeted by police that told me to turn around and drive to the “Post Mills” building down the road 3 miles so I could ride bus all the way back. I was quite disappointed by this, but I had driven entirely to far to simply turn around. When I got to the “Post Mills” building I was surprised by all the vehicles and this extremely large bulldozer that was completely painted in the typical patriotic colors, red and blue, with the two names “Romney” and “Ryan” on the blade. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken a photo of the massive bulldozer because it was quite impressive to see the paint job on it but also that someone is just hauling it around on the bed of semi to promote a political view. But anyway, I got on a completely full bus with quite the mix of a crowd that was seemingly the stereotypical conservative voters, and there is nothing wrong with that, and drove back on over to the airport. We arrived at the airport for the second time and drove on up to this airplane hanger that was covered in not only political campaign signs on this inside but also security on the outside. I suppose I should have expected as much since Mitt Romney is someone […]