2 Inch Extended Leaf Spring Shackles H3 Hummer

Quickly gain 1 1/4 inches of lift with the shackles for the H3 Hummer. Extended 2 inches over factory, these shackles help out with maintaining the forward rake for better gas mileage while gaining those extra few inches for off-road. These shackles add extra confidence in tight turns because of the strength that these 1/4 inch thick steel and 1/8 inch brace shackles give you over the factory stamped shackles. The shackles come painted black.

However, the main reason to buy these extend shackles is for the increased range of motion that the leaf spring can travel up and down over the factory ones. The additional flex / suspension travel translates into more traction off-road helping the Hummer drive through even more difficult off-camber situations. The extended shackles coupled with the H3 High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts truly enhance the H3 Hummer’s prowess driving off-road.

2 Inch Extended Leaf Spring Shackles H3 Hummer - Details
  • David Peterson says:

    2 Inch Extended Leaf Spring Shackles are for the front leafs, or do you buy a pair for the front and rear? I know sounds stupid but had to ask

  • BRIAN CARSON says:

    quick question, sorry if you’ve already covered this. I am seeing front shock extensions being sold. Is this a good idea? Makes sense to me to keep the shock travel the same after lifting the front via t bar crank @ 23.5″
    Thanks for your time
    Also- rear extension shackles? good? /bad?

    • Schwarttzy says:

      Hey Brian, I would argue that relocation the front shock mount is not a good idea on the H3. Despite cranking the torsion bars for a higher ride height, the travel of the suspension hasn’t changed, only the ride height has changed. Everything is still well within the factory specifications. If a quality shock manufacturer offers more range than the factory shocks that’s fine, in fact the shock I want do just that. However, I don’t like the idea of changing the factory mounting locations. I also think that relocating the shock mount does nothing to help out, but it certainly hinders the up travel of the suspension on the H3.

  • Ronald says:

    Will I be able to level my front end with these or will it be out of spec with the 24″ max or whatever? I’d like to keep a leveled stance. Thanks for any feedback!

    • Schwarttzy says:

      With extend shackles and cranking on the torsion bars, my H3 does have a bit of forward rake. I think I left mine at 23.5 inches, however I plan to go to full 24″ soon. But all care about is more off-road performance, without sacrificing creature comforts and on-road drive-ability.

  • Geo says:

    Can you use stock length read shocks with this?

    I have the front torsion bar leveled out with the replacement Blistein front 1.5 inch shocks and stock length rear shocks and would like to raise the back a little more, instead of lowering the front.

    • Schwarttzy says:

      I have the high clearance leaf spring mount and extended shackles with factory shocks on my H3 Hummer.

  • Mario says:

    Hi there! You wrote “these shackles help out with maintaining the forward rake for better gas mileage “.
    Is this true when not cranking the torsion bar 1.5”?
    Do you recommend adding these shackles and cranking the torsion bar for a cheaper lift? Or better the 2K full suspension lift kit?

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