OnStar Microphone Adapter H3 Hummer


An adapter that makes it easy to connect the Factory OnStar Microphone to an aftermarket Radio

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The OnStar Microphone Adapter makes connecting the GM factory microphone to an aftermarket radio easy. No longer will there be an unsightly aftermarket microphone poorly clipped onto the headliner. To connect the adapter to the microphone, just disconnect it from the wiring harness. Plug the OnStar Microphone Adapter into the microphone and then run a 3.5mm male-to-male headphone jack to the back of the radio. Please note that some radio’s use a 2.5mm headphone jack for the microphone and in that case a 3.5mm male to 2.5mm male headphone jack of some combination will be required. Not just for the H3 Hummer, the OnStar Microphone Adapter works with plenty of other GM vehicles too. If the vehicle has a similar-looking microphone then this adapter probably works. Otherwise, don’t worry because the OnStar Adapter can be returned if it doesn’t work.

I like to make things look as factory as possible, or as in the case of this OnStar Microphone Adapter it actually is the factory microphone. The radio that is currently in my H3 Hummer is the Sony XAV-AX200. I choose this specific radio because the design looks similar to the factory navigation head unit that was originally equipped with the H3 Hummer. However, the Sony XAV-AX200 is no longer for sale. I now recommend the Sony XAV-AX7000XAV-AX5000, or the Boss BE7ACP to upgrade the factory radio. The Boss BE7ACP is exceptionally more inexpensive than the two Sony options. Having a backup camera goes a long way too for the H3 Hummer owners out there too. Have a look at the convenient mount for placing a backup camera inside the spare tire.

For the H3 Hummer Fans, here’s a custom background image to make a Hummer with an aftermarket radio truly Like Nothing Else!

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