Cookie Skydiving Hand Mount Insert


The best hand camera Tandem Instructor video setup.

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I’ve found this simple replacement part makes Cookie’s hand mount the best skydive Tandem Instructor video setup out there. Being able to quickly swap the GoPro from a Handcam setup over to open face outside video helmet and then to G3 for a fun jump isn’t easily accomplished without this part. In the past, all GoPro’s were mounted in a case or a skeleton cage. However, since the GoPro 8 and up GoPro’s don’t use cases anymore. That simple change is where the simplistic ingenious comes in with this simple replacement part. Using a standardized GoPro clip mount I easily swap my Hero 10 between all 3 of my setup from recording skydiving.

Take note in the photos above of how I am wearing the Cookie Hand Mount backward. Safety and simplicity are the reasons why to wear the TI handcam mount backwards. Rules require Tandem Instructors to have the ability to easily cut away a hand cam setup. The photos above show how wearing the camera mount backwards means that in the advent of entanglement that by simply opening up my hand I can pull it right out of the setup. It’s the most eloquent solution to a serious problem. The second reason to wear the mount backwards is simplicity. Instead of undoing the velcro every time the Cookie hand camera needs to be removed, I just slide it right off my hand. Once the adjustment is set just right, it’s never undone.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .5 in