H3 Upgraded Battery

Next time the battery in a H3 Hummer dies, I recommend getting the Optima Battery 8042-218 D75/25 Red Top or Yellow Top instead of a factory replacement. Although, the Optima D75/25 is much bigger than the factory battery and will not fit inside that plastic box… but who cares. Personally, I think the plastic box is just there to add a distraction from the small battery and the non-GM labeling of the battery. So I ditched that factory hummer plastic box that the battery was hiding in side of, and dropped in a much bigger battery in it’s place.  Reason being, the factory battery is under powered and provides only a single set of terminals. My Warn M-8,000lb winch is capable of such extreme power demands that it can easily damage a battery. The alternator will never be capable of keeping up with the demands either. Throttling the engine of H3 Hummer up to 2,500 RPMs helps out with those demands, but again will not keep up. However a bigger battery is just a better all around solution, just don’t forget to still throttle up when winching. The Optima D75/25 has ~33% more power over the factory battery that GM decided to install. That ~33% more power goes a long way with smoothing out the issues of winching. The Optima D75/25 battery has the added benefit of having dual terminals ready to go. I use the Traditional style connections posts on top for the H3 Hummer factory wiring harness. As for […]

Leaky Sunroof H3 Hummer

A few months ago I fixed an issue where the sunroof on my H3 Hummer wouldn’t properly drain the water. Which would make for a surprise after a particularly heavy rain fall. The problem was from going off-road with the Hummer and flinging mud and debris every where with the sunroof wide open. By design, all sun roofs leak which is why they have tubes to drain the water. If the mud and debris is forgotten about and never cleaned out, it tends to get jammed in the tubes. Once the H3 Hummer sunroof tubes are clogged, the water has no way drain out except out of the sunroof and sadly into my lap. Fixing the clogged sunroof drains is a simple process. On the passenger side you need to remove the plastic panel on the side of the dash to gain access to the lower portion of the drain tube that has this bent shape. This lower piece is white and has black grommet on the fire wall to drain the water outside the vehicle. The upper portion is just a flexible black hose. I decided to disconnect the two hoses and use 125 PSI air pressure from a air compressor to blow the dirt and grime back out the way it came in. Be sure to point the other end outside the vehicle, because I didn’t the first time. The plastic cover for the pillars on both the driver and passenger sides I found to be extremely easy […]

H3 Hummer PCM Programming

After some research using the internet on PCM’s and Tuning, I found out that I don’t have the latest tune / reflash from GM for my H3’s 2006 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 cylinder engine. I was able to check my vehicle by using a simple OBDII sensor I have and cross referencing numbers using TIS website by entering the VIN number. I compared the tune number from my previous post P0455 & P0442 ECU Fault Log H3 Hummer where the Vehicle Calibration ID on my vehicle as 12606370. The tune 12606370‘s description mentions that it is for “New software to address customer complaint of cruise being disabled.” Using my VIN number and selecting the option PCM/VCM Powertrain/Vehicle Control Module – Programming I’m able to see that the latest version is 12627884. The description of 12627884 says that it has “New software with driveability and fuel economy improvements achieved by decreasing the time TCC will be unlocked due to a misfire rough road event.” After reading about the improvements, Driveability and Fuel Economy, listed as an GM factory update I decided to get the newer tune from a GM dealership. Having driven on 12627884 for a few months now, I haven’t ever noticed and driveablity changes. The Fuel Economy does feel a bit better, I’d say 5 to 10 more miles per gas tank. Since I didn’t quite get the changes I’m looking for, in the future I’d like to try PCM of NC tune for H3 Hummers for […]

Burnt Out HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

About year ago in my dashboard a light bulb for controlling the vents went out on my H3 Hummer, making it difficult to see which setting I had the ventilation on. A few months later, I had two light bulbs that didn’t illuminate on my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Control Panel which began to make choosing the setting on the instrument panel difficult at night. I called up GM about getting it fix but all they want to do is completely replace the GM Part No. 15840354 CONTROL, A/C Instrument Panel, or with the part ACDelco 15-73909 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Control Panel with Rear Window Defogger Switch. Expensive and very wasteful I found out how to get my hands on the light bulbs from a guy on eBay. Replacing the light bulbs only took about 15 minutes of my time. Now I’m on the hunt to purchase a large quantity of them so that I can sell them to on my websites shop. Begin with putting your finger in the cigarette light socket and put up to release the dash. I know it sounds weird, but trust me it woks amazingly. After which you’ll need to remove four bolts that hold the HVAC Control to the dash with a 7mm socket (or at least that is what I used). I used a 7mm socket to remove the HVAC Control System from the dash panel. I’ve now disconnect the wires so that the HVAC Cluster […]