H3 Upgraded Battery

Next time the battery in a H3 Hummer dies, I recommend getting the Optima Battery 8042-218 D75/25 Red Top or Yellow Top instead of a factory replacement. Although, the Optima D75/25 is much bigger than the factory battery and will not fit inside that plastic box… but who cares. Personally, I think the plastic box is just there to add a distraction from the small battery and the non-GM labeling of the battery. So I ditched that factory hummer plastic box that the battery was hiding in side of, and dropped in a much bigger battery in it’s place.  Reason being, the factory battery is under powered and provides only a single set of terminals. My Warn M-8,000lb winch is capable of such extreme power demands that it can easily damage a battery. The alternator will never be capable of keeping up with the demands either. Throttling the engine of H3 Hummer up to 2,500 RPMs helps out with those demands, but again will not keep up. However a bigger battery is just a better all around solution, just don’t forget to still throttle up when winching. The Optima D75/25 has ~33% more power over the factory battery that GM decided to install. That ~33% more power goes a long way with smoothing out the issues of winching. The Optima D75/25 battery has the added benefit of having dual terminals ready to go. I use the Traditional style connections posts on top for the H3 Hummer factory wiring harness. As for […]

Burnt Out HVAC Instrument Panel Light Bulbs

About year ago in my dashboard a light bulb for controlling the vents went out on my H3 Hummer, making it difficult to see which setting I had the ventilation on. A few months later, I had two light bulbs that didn’t illuminate on my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Control Panel which began to make choosing the setting on the instrument panel difficult at night. I called up GM about getting it fix but all they want to do is completely replace the GM Part No. 15840354 CONTROL, A/C Instrument Panel, or with the part ACDelco 15-73909 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Control Panel with Rear Window Defogger Switch. Expensive and very wasteful I found out how to get my hands on the light bulbs from a guy on eBay. Replacing the light bulbs only took about 15 minutes of my time. Now I’m on the hunt to purchase a large quantity of them so that I can sell them to on my websites shop. Begin with putting your finger in the cigarette light socket and put up to release the dash. I know it sounds weird, but trust me it woks amazingly. After which you’ll need to remove four bolts that hold the HVAC Control to the dash with a 7mm socket (or at least that is what I used). I used a 7mm socket to remove the HVAC Control System from the dash panel. I’ve now disconnect the wires so that the HVAC Cluster […]

130,000 Miles

Just the other day, while driving back from a weekend of packing parachutes at Skydive Alabama, my H3 Hummer crossed over the 130,000 mileage mark on the odometer. I think that my H3 has entered it’s proving ground now. This mileage period from now on shows how well built the vehicle really is. With a goal of 250,000 on the odometer, I want to reflect back on the vehicles performance so far. While I wish I had more power from the engine, the 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5 has never let me down in all those miles. The body feels completely solid, despite the rust belt’s handy work. And except for the driver side seat, the interior is great. Mike Ditka‘s sons ass is to blame for that one. Anyway, I’ve been worried for years that the damage to the seat in the first 30,000 miles was going to spread. Even though I have been worries, after 100,000 mileage of loving care the seat hasn’t gotten any worse. Despite all the good news, I’ve had needed to replace a few minor parts. Around 60,000 miles, my H3 Hummer’s Radiator Thermostat needed replacing because it would open up too soon. The H3 would run around 25° cooler than what is recommend for the 3.5L L52 I5 engine. After 3 visits to Burning Man and a few rather deep water crossings, the Evaporative Emissions Canister Vent Valve Solenoid gave out. When replacing the Evaporative Emissions Canister Vent Valve Solenoid didn’t come […]

P0455 & P0442 ECU Fault Log H3 Hummer

About year ago my ECU light came on in my H3 Hummer, noticeably after some fun off-road. I grab my cheap Chinese OBD-II to Blue Tooth scanner from eBay, it doesn’t work with Fords, and open the Android application “Torque” . The scanner had no problem grabbing the code and I was able to see the error report in the computer. Fault log report generated by Torque for Android —————— Vehicle VIN: 5GTDN136X68227871 Vehicle Manufacturer: Unknown Vehicle Calibration ID: 12606370 12601134 1260 Current Fault Log —————— P0455: Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (gross leak, check fuel cap, piping etc) P0442: Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (small leak) Pending Fault Log —————— ECU reports no pending faults Historic Fault Log —————— ECU reports no historic faults Other discovered fault codes (possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific) —————————————————- ECU reports no other fault codes logged End of report. After some research I had decided one of two parts had to be giving the ECU the errors, the 20907779 GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister Vent Hose or the 25827646 Fuel Tank Cap. I checked the Fuel Tank Cap over and it looked in great condition, must be the vent hose. Although I ended up buying both parts, because at this point I’m tired of having the engine light on. The day when the parts got delivered to my door, I didn’t have time to install the Vapor Canister Vent Hose. But I was able to quickly put the new Fuel Tank […]

High Clearance Redesign

The other day I sold out of my High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts for the H3 Hummer, which makes me proud to say that I’m actually starting to make a business out of building off-road parts. Since I’m completely out of them at this moment I have decided to redesign them a bit so that they can be assembled with more precision when I welding. The main reason for this is to reduce the amount of time it takes for me to assemble them, but also to have a finished product that is esthetically more pleaseing to the eye. The redesign should also have the add benefit of making the leaf spring mounts even stronger than before. Of course there is no need for them to be any stronger, but why not I figure. Getting a bit off topic, but if you happen to purchase a set of High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts from me I recommend that you also purchase 2″ Extended Shackles too. The extended shackles bring the shock back to nearly factory specifications, giving the full range of articulation that GM intend for it and reducing the chance of bottoming out the shock which can cause damage. Enjoy some teaser photos of the new design coming.

Talked to VWerks

Wow! I had a great conversation over the phone with Pat Muldoon, the VP of Product Development at VWerks, about this new JK8 that is for “Red Jacket Firearms,” the guys on the hit TV series “Son of Guns” that eras on the Discovery Channel. Pat explained to me that you will be able to purchase all same parts they used to create their monster in the near future. I won’t be shy, I think that the Jeep is awesome. Nice deep colors, great approach/departure angle, monster 40 inch tires, the JK-8 Pickup Conversion Kit, basically something I would do if I had an unlimited budget. Now to give some back story as to why I got a phone call from Pat Muldoon, began with me getting upset over a post on the Facebook page of VWerks. I commented saying all I see are other manufacturer parts being bolted on and would like to see the modifications they did. When I woke up the next day and went to see if they commented back, I realized that my post was deleted. Which lead to me blogging about it on my website. Which in turn through a strange turn of events my website showed up in a search result where Laura who handles marketing, PR, and Media for VWerks, reached out to me and talked to me about this post. In that post, it is this one just updated, I made the claim that VWerks is taking credit for Gen-Right‘s bumpers, […]

1-Ton Steering

Recently I bought JCROFFROAD 1 Ton Steering for my Jeep Grand Cherokee hoping to fix a bunch of problems that I have been having. Some of the problems that I have been getting is that when I hit a bump in the road at 55mph+ the Jeep wants to go in a different direction for a split second because of the Y steering linkage that comes with the jeep from the factory jeep changes the toe of the tires as the suspension cycles up and down. Also there is a lot of slop because of  the 6.5 inches of suspension lift that I hope to fix with Over-The-Knuckle steering raising the geometry about 4 inches and also help from a trick with a polyurethane spacer to fix basically all the problems leaving me with steering that should feel like it did from the factory. Now their are some other major benefits with JCROFFROAD’s setup because of there design. For starters, the steering is flipped on top of the knuckles benefiting the geometry of the steering and raising the steering above the axle for increased ground clearance. Secondly, all four of the Tie Rod End’s are a very standard 1-Ton Chevy tie rod found at each and every Autozone, NAPA, and what ever else is near you. And most importantly, this setup is incredibly stronger than the factory one. Now I know of pretty much every upgrade steering setup to choose from out there, but I choose this one over all […]

Super 8.8 Installed

It has been a couple days since the Super 8.8 kit was install on my Grand Cherokee and I got to say I’m loving it.  The vibrations have stopped, the axle width is the same as stock now, the rear end seems more responsive at speed, and the quality / strenght is over-the-top. The installation was smooth except for having a lug-nut that refused to come off resulting in me destroying one of my TJ Rubicon Moab Rims. I’m not about to do my own write of a “how to” on this kit since the ones from the manufacture is just fine, here’s a link to it http://www.superioraxlegear.com/pdfdocs/installguide.pdf and here is back up of it. Some tips I would add since your cutting the axle up and not everyone has a bearing-puller I just used the bar on my Hi-Jack to get it out. Also I feel like this is more of a 3-4 hour Job assuming you don’t run into any problems like I did.