H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount


Mount an 8,000lb or bigger winch inside the factory H3 Hummer bumper. Synthetic rope recommended.

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The H3 & H3T Hummer Hidden Winch Mount bolts onto the Hummer with no permanent modification required to mount an 8,000lb. winch. The winch mount is excessively strong, made from 3/8″ steel for unquestionable strength and reliability. Secured in place with 4 massive bolts, 2 x 5/8″ and 2 x 3/4″. Easily installed in a day, and most of that time is just properly relocating the control box solenoid. Designed to be used with an Aluminum Hawse Fairlead and Synthetic Rope, providing the best in safety and strength. In stock, and ready to ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are all the winches that fit?
    I have no way of answering this question, I don’t have the ability to test every winch out there. I currently have the Warn M-8000s Winch mounted to my H3 Hummer. The width of the Warn M-8000s is 21.04″, the height is 7.6″, and the depth is 6.3″. The depth will not fit anything 1″ deeper, and the height is maxed out. The width could easily be another 5-10 inches long. However, I recommend matching those original dimensions, most quality winches will. Finally, the winch controller needs to have the ability to be remotely mounted.
  • Will this fit the H3T?
    Yes! There are a bunch of H3T Hummer owners with this Winch Mount. Check out this YouTube video of one with the winch mount.
  • Cutting or Modifications to the H3 Hummer required?
    Absolutely no permanent changes are required, for the H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount.
  • Do I need a Synthetic Line?
    Yes, a synthetic line is recommended. The winch mount has been designed with the intended use of an Aluminum Hawse Fairlead. I recommend the TeraFlex 1803200 Aluminum Hawse Fairlead because of the quality and style. As long as the Hawse Fairlead is less than 3-inches tall it will require no permanent modifications and fit great.
  • What is the Hawse Fairlead bolt size?
    7/16-inch by 1-inch course thread
  • How long is the installation time?
    With a competent mechanic, 3-4 hours is plenty of time.
  • Are the Winch Mounts in Stock?
    Yes, all parts are stocked at the warehouse ready to ship in one business day.


Just before Christmas of 2015, I invited a customer that had purchased the H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount over to my house. They brought their Hidden Winch Mount, a Warn VR-8000 Synthetic Winch, and I supplied the tools and knowledge. The installation only took 5 hours, with two lengthy trips to town for 4 Gauge Wire for remotely mounting the solenoid, and for a T-25 Torx bit so that we could clock the winches clutch 90° clockwise. Clocking the clutch is necessary to provide access to the winch’s clutch control.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 6 in