Below is a bunch of links that I find important and hopefully you will too, enjoy.

Absolutely the Best Hummer Forum out there, hands down.
Hummer 4×4 Off Road

4×4 Ethics Trail Rights
Tread lightly!
BlueRibbon Coalition
Americans for Responsible Recreational Access

4×4 Events
Jeep® Jamboree USA – World’s Largest Jeep Adventure Company, off-road adventure weekends that bring together the outdoors, down-to-earth people, and their Jeep 4x4s. These off-road treks have a long tradition dating back to 1953 when 4×4 pioneer Mark A. Smith organized the first-ever Jeep Jamboree and voyaged across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the old Rubicon Trail.

4×4 Archives
MyXJ Blog – A great blog on this guy that does a great job recording the adventures he has with is XJ with GPX, photos and more.

4×4 Forums
Rocky Mountain Extreme
Mall Crawlin
Jeep Forum

JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Mountain Photography by Jack Brauer

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