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All of the theme’s on WordPress.org are created, developed, and maintained free of charge by the author. The author of this theme, Schwarttzy, offers a premium version that includes additional features to enhance your experience. This premium version of Semper Fi Lite supports the author by offsetting the many hours of work being put into the theme. For incentive, the premium version of Semper Fi Lite includes additional features to customize the theme with. Many of these options, list of these options are just below, are not available in the free version. Additionally, the author has offered to make minor custom changes to the Semper Fi Lite code for further customization. However, the author is still going to support the free versions when issues of bugs or errors in the code are found.

WordPress Theme Semper Fi - Details

Announcement – Regarding previous versions

In the past Semper Fi and Semper Fi Lite were two separate themes. Yesterday I submitted a new version of Semper Fi Lite to WordPress.org repository. With this new version the two theme will merge, and a plugin will add in the additional features to make Semper Fi Lite the premium version. This will make maintaining the two theme half the work required, allowing for more time to developing new features and fixing bugs.

Installing Semper Fi Upgrade Plugin

After purchasing Semper Fi a custom link will become available to download  a plugin that will enable the premium features. The file format is a simple zip file. Nothing needs to be done with the zip file, WordPress will do the rest of the work for us.

  1. Download Semper Fi Premium Plugin
  2. From the Admin Dash panel navigate to “Appearance > Plugins” in the menu on the leftWordPress Semper Fi Ugrade Install Plugin
  3. At the top of the screen click the button “Add New” to the right of the word “Themes”WordPress Semper Fi Install Plugin Upgrade
  4. Next to the text “Add Theme” click the button “Upload Theme”WordPress Semper Fi Upload Premium Feature Plugin
  5. Click the button labeled “Browse”, then navigate to the location of ZIP file and select it.WordPress Semper Fi Browse Premium Plugin Upload
  6. Click the button labeled “Install Now” to upload the fileWordPress Semper Fi Installing the premium plugin
  7. Finally select the link labeled “Activate Plugin” to enable the features. WordPress Semper Fi Theme is now upgraded to the premium version.WordPress Semper Fi activate premium plugin

Under the tab label “Plugins,” all of the plugins currently installed in WordPress are listed. “Semper Fi Upgrade Plugin” is now one of them. On that page you can disable, enable, and uninstall premium features.

Customizing Theme

Customizing WordPress Theme Semper Fi all done in the “Theme Customizer.” The “Customizer” allows for visual edits to the theme only visual to the admin. No changes will be made, or are visualize to the visitor of the website until the customization are saved using the “Save & Publish” button at the top.Customize Semper Fi WordPress Theme

Add to Slider

Semper Fi has as pure CSS3 & HTML5 slider built right into the code. Adding a Post or Page to the slider is as easy as just selecting a check-box. The check-box is on the right side of a screen when editing a post or a page. In cases were removing the text from the slider, check the additional box labeled “Display Just Image”.Semper Fi Add to Slider WordPress

Featured Background

Adding Featured Background to page, selects an image to become the background image just for a specific page. To add the custom image to the background, on the editor view of the page on the right hand of the page and click the button labeled “Choose or Upload an Image.”WordPress Semper Fi Custom Background Image

Similar to featured image scroll through the list of images, or upload a new for the Featured Background. After selecting the image, in the lower right hand of the screen click the button “Use as Featured Background.”WordPress Semper Fi Featured Background Use ImageFinally save the post, page, product to set that image as the Featured Background.



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