WordPress Theme Semper Fi


An opensource WordPress theme that can be used on your website.


Semper Fi is an opensource WordPress theme that I have developed in my spare time. I created this theme from scratch, developed all of the features, and maintain it free of charge. However, I offer a premium plugin specifically designed to expand upon the basic features of Semper Fi. This theme takes on average about 5-6 hours a week just to maintain. With the help of your support, I can continue to grow and expand the capabilities of this WordPress theme, Semper Fi. If you want a specific feature or change to the theme please feel free to contact me using this page.


What do you get by supporting the theme?

  • Open Graph Protocol – The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook when a website link is shared on Facebook.
  • WordPress Filters – WordPress filters allow the theme to remove unnecessary code from the WordPress installation. Removing this code speeds up the website. Gives WordPress installation a better ranking on search engines. Increases security by not using or displaying unnecessary code.
  • Sheet Style Deferment – Sheet style deferment is a process to make the website load even faster. Semper Fi Lite code is broken up into sections. Most of the sections like the footer section of the theme doesn’t need to be loaded right away and can be deferred for a couple of seconds. This deferment means the user will see the featured image and the menu along with the main article faster while the rest of the features load in the background going unnoticed.
  • Regular Updates – The plugin “Semper Fi Plus” has automatic update notifications built into the code so that all the latest and new features be integrated into the WordPress installation years later with no effort.
  • Premium Support – Get Custom features, New Options, and one-off help modifying the theme. Using the Contact Me page, if there is some feature that the Semper Fi Plus should include or some modification is needed to make it just work better, just reach out and ask for it.
  • WordPress Best Practices – I follow WordPress coding best practices, as laid out by the WordPress.org theme review team, which means that Semper Fi is safe, secure, and coded to the absolute best standards.
  • More Features – As of April 29th, 2020, the theme has been completely rewritten to the WordPress Standard and is awaiting final review. In an effort to speed up that process all time and energy have been spent getting the approval process finished faster. Introducing too many features could lead to possible delays and have resulted in limited premium features at the moment. Although, the Open Graph Protocol is enough of reason on its own to support the theme.


Semper Fi Lite – Theme Changelog

  • Version 122
    • on brand woo-commerce fixed to have correct sanitization
  • Version 121
    • Reduced the number of hooks to build a page to reducing server requests and simplify hook function
    • CSS tweak for iOS mobile browsers users due to background-size: center; and background-attachment: cover;
  • Version 119
    • Couple of escaping functions were using the wrong attribute, esc_attr instead of esc_html
    • Added wp_body_open() to the theme
    • Added Requires PHP and Tested up to in the style.css
  • Version 118
    • Issue fixed when logged in the menu would display under the Admin bar
    • added a lot of esc_html and esc_attr to everything to improve security
    • created a title filter function to reduce code usage simplify future changes
  • Version 117
    • on 404 error page video wasn’t scaling properly on mobile view
  • Version 116
    • Menu no longer locks closed or open, instead is hover/focus based only
    • 404 had a missing escaped
    • Readme had mistakenly had wrong licensing information
    • Fixed skip-link when front-page isn’t selected
    • Fixed 404 error in customizer with none existent JavaScript file for customizer
    • CSS Style had miss labeled text domain
  • Version 115
    • Added forum link back in style description, accidently got deleted
    • Woo-Commerce had a weird issue with overflow with overflowing
    • Some compatibility issue with a comma in functions
    • Skip link wasn’t translatable
  • Version 114
    • Fixed issue where click the customizer icon on the first square box would open up the 404 video tab
  • Version 113
    •  Minor adjustment for cell phone when using keyboard accessibility, outline got cut off
    • In customizer and issue with the menu not floating properly and an accident with absolute positioning happened
    • Fixed customizer option that never got updated to the newer customizer code
    • Fixed an issue where the customizer would display
    • excerpt_length, excerpt_more no longer target admin section, only front page
    • removed some code that was commented out
    • Author URI changed to the correct link
  • Version 112
    • Had a second Text domain in style.css
    • Remove old keyboard accessibility, change it a red box that outlines the current focus
  • Version 111
    • changed arrow right in functions file to →
  • Version 110
    • Text domain had issue, no sure how got there
    • Found some missing Translatable text in /inc/store-front/customizer.php
    • Added in alt text for customized photos if they have it
    • Theme Info doesn’t error out from missing bit of code
  • Version 109
    • All prefixes changed from “semperfi” to “semper_fi_lite”
    • Fixed none escaped echo on /categories-and-tags/html.php:53
    • Fixed a bunch of missed Translatable text
    • Found a couple of un-sanitized data in /theme-info/html.php
    • Added the copyright to the readme.txt file
    • The “WordPress Plugin readme.txt Validator” required me to add a screenshot section
    • Added information about the copyright information of all the photos
    • Fixed some hidden PHP “Undefined variable” & “Trying to get property of non-object” errors I wasn’t aware of
    • Added “Skip Content” to improve the accessibility of the theme
    • Fixed issues where “Background Color” wouldn’t work because of the theme’s default background overlaying the color
    • Fixed issues with images that were changed from default in customizer wouldn’t display upon revisiting
    • Fixed linking icons in Customizer, among some other issues
  • Version 108
    • Default publisher logo image in /inc/blog/images/ wasn’t named properly, changed it correct naming
    • Customizer option code went missing too, added back in
  • Version 107
    • /inc/woo-commerce/style.css was accidently placed in the folder /inc/woo-commerce-content-microdata/
  • Version 106
    • Figure text on a center image was display off to the left because of WordPress CSS
    • .wp-block-button CSS displays same as the paragraph element now
    • figcaption is fixed, WordPress added padding and hard font numbers
    • Block quote cite wasn’t applying CSS styles because of block editor element differences
    • wp-block-embed will center in the page now
    • The menu should be more accessible now, especially for users navigating with the tab key, also menu now works with hover
    • Navigation didn’t work with a static front page, switched to pagination for better user experience.
  • Version 104
    • Fixed the issues with WordPress Block editor and new gallery code
    • Changed it so the blockquotes center up on the screen, looks visually better
  • Version 103
    • Added content width back in, feels so pointless though
    • Can’t use the real “->”
  • Version 102
    • in semper-fi-lite/inc/footer-widgets/html.php “_()” changed to “__()”
    • learned about the plugin “Theme Sniffer” and fixed all the errors
    • fixed issue with the single page comments not displaying
    • fixed issue where the customizer modified CSS for navigation wouldn’t enqueue properly
    • updated semper-fi-lite/woocommerce/global/quantity-input.php to reflect the changes made in the woocommerce 4.0 update
    • After clicking “Older News” the “Square Boxes”, “Above the Fold”, and “Store Front / Woocommerce Display Products” no longer display
  • Version 101
    • Removed theme promotions on semper-fi-lite\inc\store-front\html.php and semper-fi-lite\inc\store-front\customizer.php
    • Moved semper-fi-lite\inc\open-graph-protocol\ from the theme over to the premium plugin because a third party api key is plugin territory
    • fixed wrong use of unique prefix in semper-fi-lite\inc\woo-commerce\
    • fixed the wrong uses of esc_attr, esc_textarea, and missing esc_url
    • custom customizer sanitizer for range and select
    • adding in the missing text-domain for translation in semper-fi-lite\inc\footer-widgets\html.php
    • fixed coding error in semper-fi-lite\inc\404\html.php and issues with escaping functions with esc_html() between HTML tags using only esc_attr()
    • fixed hardcode the date formats, although few hidden hardcoded dates remain to ensure the Microdata work properly, these coded dates are not seen but the viewer, only the search engines see these hardcoded dates
    • fixed missing translations on semper-fi-lite\inc\comments\html.php and semper-fi-lite\inc\woo-commerce\customizer.php
    • updated Read Me to use WordPress.org match recommendations
  •  Version 100
    • Theme released after two-plus years of new code


Semper Fi Plus – Plugin Changelog

  • Version 4
    • Requires Version 122 of Semper Fi Lite to work, no new features
  • Version 3
    • Version 114 of Semper Fi Lite required changes in Semper Fi Plus
  • Version 2

    • First Release to the public
  • Version 1
    • Private testing Beta


Installing Semper Fi Lite – WordPress Theme

  1. From the Dashboard of the WordPress installation is a link to “Appearance” where the look and style of the website is setup.
  2. On the “Appearance” page of the WordPress installation is a list of all the currently installed themes, click on the button towards the top labeled “Add New”
  3. This page displays a huge list of free to use themes, to narrow the number options down, in the search box type “Semper Fi Lite” which is the official slug of the theme.
  4. Hover over the screenshot of the theme install the theme and activate


Installing Semper Fi Plus – Premium Plugin

  1. First, this a premium plugin that requires supporting the theme. One purchased, a link to download the “Semper Fi Plus” plugin will be emailed to you.
  2. Once downloaded, on the dashboard of the WordPress installation click the button labeled “Plugins” on the left side of the screen, this is where plugins are managed.
  3. On the page labeled “Plugins”, at the top of the page, click the button labeled “Add New” which will take you the page titled “Add Plugins”.
  4. The “Add Plugins” page displays a huge list of free plugins. At the top again, click the button labeled “Upload Plugin”.
  5. After clicking “Upload Plugin” the text “If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here.” should be displayed.
  6. Click on the button “Browse”, navigate to where “Semper Fi Plus” was downloaded to and select it
  7. Finally, activate “Semper Fi Plus” by selecting the button “Activate”