OnStar GM Microphone and OnStar Microphone Adapter Radio Schwarttzy Hummer H3




  1. Hi there,

    First, I would like to thank you for the precious and highly valued website(its really meant a lot to me as a hummer h3 owner).

    I was lloking forward to purchase the OnStar Microphone Adapter from your website but i was wondering if i can install it since it is not there in my car.


    I already bought Metra GMOS-04 Wiring Interface complete set which supports Onstar. As i am looking forward to purchase after market stereo in my local country(Saudi Arabia).

    thank you.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Anas!

      The adapter only uses the microphone and will work just fine without any other OnStar equipment.

      Meaning you could get an GM Microphone, Install it into none OnStar equipped H3 Hummer and it would work just fine.

      1. Rick Martinez Avatar

        I’m missing the cover for my Onstar opening in my headliner. I have the wiring but somehow when an aftermarket radio was installed, the cover was lost. Does your adapter have the cover?

        1. Schwarttzy Avatar

          Hey Rick!

          I don’t have any of the Microphone Covers. I purchase a bunch on eBay for $10 shipped years ago when I was testing which I think is your best option. Otherwise, I would search for an H3 in a junkyard that has one as a backup. Although, currently on https://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/showthread.php/15079-Parting-out-a-2006-H3 is H3 Hummer getting parted out.

  2. Sean McNally Avatar

    I am wondering with this adapter, will the microphone be disabled for onstar? I have an aftermarket headunit and the PAC RP5 GM11 wiring kit which supports onstar. I don’t want to use the microphone that came with the radio. I’d like to use the onstar microphone, but I want to keep the functionality of onstar as well.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Sean,

      The OnStar Microphone doesn’t retain the OnStar functionality.

  3. Was wondering when you will have more of the audio converter available and prices.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Al! I actually have a bunch of them in stock right just been behind working on all the different projects right now.

  4. Bob Himebaugh Avatar

    Any chance of getting one of onstar adaptors or do you have alternative site these can be purchased at?

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Bob!

      I got a bunch of them right next to me. I was waiting on more parts to get delivered. I only sell on this website.

      Purchase them at this URL -> https://schwarttzy.com/product/onstar-microphone-adapter/

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Hi, I ordered one of this adapters on 1/20. Just curious about current shipping times. Thanks!

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Mike,

      I got the order. Working on making more of them right now. They’ll ship out tomorrow with USPS 3-Day Priority Select and should have it by Friday.

  6. Jason Norris Avatar

    Will this fit a 2005 Hummer H2? I have an aftermarket radio and would like the mic in the headliner.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Well, I have had many customers or it and seems to work fine. Just remember that I don’t have the ability to set all the different radios out there and heavily recommend Sony.

  7. Brandon Rogers Avatar

    How long til you have these in stock. I would like to order one

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I got them in stock right now, can ship out tomorrow morning too, and I updated the website to reflect what I have in stock.

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