Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park


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Up in Swift County Minnesota, the Department of Natural Resources has set aside land with 10 miles of ORV trails specifically for off-road vehicles. The Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park is situated on 330 acres of mostly old rail road line with sand dunes, hill climbs, and rock crawls. However the park is split in two sections, one side is ATV’s and dirt bikes only with the other portion for full-size vehicles. An interesting obstacle at the Appleton 4×4 park that I haven’t seen else where, is “stair steps.” A stair step is a long obstacle on a hill with a log laid across the trail about every car length in such a way that is forms the appearance of stairs. The park is on DNR land and this means that you need to register your vehicle with DNR and get a State ORV Trail Pass to drive on these trails.
Appleton Area Recreational OHV Park Map