The website was down

I’ll start by saying that don’t have plans to stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing here on any time soon. I’m still selling the off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. I’m working on a huge update for the WordPress Theme – Adventure that is taking me forever to finish. Then there is the G4 Cookie Skydiving Camera Mount that I’m still working on. I didn’t notice that the website broke sometime early on Saturday. On Sunday, when a customer mentioned issues with the website I was shocked to see the website wasn’t working. The WordPress installation was Continue Reading → The website was down

Hi-Lift CB Antenna & Bottle Opener Mount

Custom H3 Hummer prototypes take a lot of time to design develop. Which is why it always so exciting to announce and share when progress has been made. Today, the last major obstacle in the design phase of the Hi-Lift, CB Antenna, and Bottle Opener mount has been cleared. The parts bolt up, although a bit of persuasion is need to so that it is tight and strong mount. What’s left is minor change to the angle of the bottle opener for clearance. Then I’m working on a part to inexpensive space the Hi-Lift to mount in the center to Continue Reading → Hi-Lift CB Antenna & Bottle Opener Mount

H3 Hummer ARB 0750007B Differential Cover Install

An important Off-Road accessory for all solid axle-equipped off-road vehicles is the heavy-duty differential cover. The HD Diff Cover protects the Ring & Pinion from damage where one of the tightest tolerance torque maneuvers happens. The Ring & Pinion is where the engine’s torque gets turn 90-degree to drive the axle shafts. With the precision of the tolerances being so tight is why the H3 Hummer needs the protection for aggressive off-road trails. I used to suggest a different HD Diff Cover because it was inexpensive and worked great. However, after watching the Power Banks videos on YouTube where they Continue Reading → H3 Hummer ARB 0750007B Differential Cover Install

TFLnow Championship H3

Just a few days ago Adam, a customer of, reviewed his awesome V8 powered Championship Edition H3 Hummer with Andre on the YouTube channel TFLnow. Being a fan of nearly all things automotive, I watch TFL’s YouTube Channels quite regularly for their reviews, adventures, and opinions on all types of vehicles. This video was a bit different than normal. First, it was a review of an H3 Hummer. Secondly, a few of the H3 Hummer parts sold on this website are mentioned name. When I heard getting a shoutout for the parts I’ve designed and sold I couldn’t Continue Reading → TFLnow Championship H3

Speakers Upgrade H3 & H3T Hummer

Purchase the Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers P1675-S and P1675 for the H3 & H3T Hummer to get the best combination of an inexpensive price and improved sound quality. For the H3 Hummers with the Monsoon Sound System, purchase the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 to replace the factory dual coil 8-inch subwoofer. Also, 2 packs of the Metra 72-4568 speaker harness adapters for GM vehicles are necessary to connect the door speakers without cutting the into the vehicles wires. The pair of P1675-S Punch Speakers work the best upfront because it is a mid-range speaker with a separate tweeter for the highs. Continue Reading → Speakers Upgrade H3 & H3T Hummer

Upper Control Arm H3 Hummer Replaced

The 2008 Alpha H3 Hummer #WarWagon needed the upper control arm replaced because of a failing ball joint on the passenger side. Prior to shooting this video, I’d already replaced the control arm on the passenger side. When an arm gets replaced the other should be replaced too. The reason to replace both is that the Hummer needs an alignment after installation. At $100 from Amazon Prime the time an effort dictate that both should be. This isn’t the first time that control arms have been replaced on the WarWagon. 4WD parts in San Diego replace the arms less than Continue Reading → Upper Control Arm H3 Hummer Replaced

Engine Oil Analysis

In Fort Wayne, Indiana the company called Blackstone Laboratories tests the oil from customer’s engines to provide “easy-to-use, understandable, and accurate oil analysis.” Recently, I sent in a sample of oil from my Alpha H3 Hummer 5.3L V-8 engine to check on the condition of the engine. The #WarWagon has over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Which is why I’d like to know if the engine is functioning well or could use some maintenance. The process of collecting a sample of oil is effortless. Prior to changing the oil, have Blackstone Laboratories send out a kit to collect a sample Continue Reading → Engine Oil Analysis

Radio Upgrade H3 Hummer

How to upgrade the H3 Hummer radio and sound system to be more than adequate is incredibly easy. First, the vehicle needs to have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This way the head unit has hands-free access to phone calls, turn-by-turn directions, and more importantly the music or podcasts on the phone. Be it YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, or any of the many other services available. Second, there is a necessary adapter that Crutchfield sells for both the subwoofer equipped H3 Hummer or the H3 Hummer without the subwoofer. To know if the Hummer has a subwoofer, open up Continue Reading → Radio Upgrade H3 Hummer

2018 Gypsy Boogie

When the summer season is coming to an end, but before the cold weather hits, we get together for a renegade skydiving party. Having commandeered an airplane, we jump out over this beautiful lake and proceed to party all night until the sun comes up. Join us on the adventure as we have fun at this amazing lake house retreat and get pumped for the 2020 spring season.

Inexpensive Headlight Upgrade for H3 Hummer

Today I’m suggesting upgrading the H3 Hummer headlights to the $9.12 EVO Formance H13 93419 Spectras and the foglights to the $11.90 CK FORMULA H10 Halogen Bulbs instead of those expensive time-consuming LEDs, HID, and Projectors. The reason why I suggest these light bulbs is because I believe that form always follows function. Implying I won’t just bolt a part on my Alpha because it looks cool. The part has to solve a problem that is limiting me from obtaining my goals. My ultimate goal off-road is to go further on the trail and have as much fun as possible. Continue Reading → Inexpensive Headlight Upgrade for H3 Hummer