Holy Cross City 4X4 Trail


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Holy Cross Trail meanders through rock gardens, streams, and mud on the side of the 14,000+ foot mountain, “Mountain of the Holy Cross.” The signs along Holy Cross Trail warn when the trail is about to get more difficult and what’s it going to cost to get towed out of there, can be used as an indicator of just how great Holy Cross Trail is. At the top is an old ghost town with leftover mining equipment and some empty cabins dating all the way back to the 1800s. At the entrance is a sign of what your vehicle needs to complete the trail and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The list includes a winch, 32″ or larger tires, locking differentials, tow strap, Hi-Lift jack, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, drinking water, food, tire repair kit, shovel, and a fluid spill clean-up kit.

If you happen to make it to French Creek I recommend stopping and watch all the vehicles do there best to cross it. This place is all about knowing where the vehicle’s tires are and at the same time knowing how to move the vehicle around because this section is all about driver skill. The less capable 4×4 vehicles may want to have the winch ready because this section tends to get backed up.

Cleveland Rock is the biggest and most difficult of the obstacles on the Holy Cross Trail and there is no bypass, because of this, most turn around at Cleveland Rock. The rock is a giant boulder with two possible lines that are not easy either way you look at it. On the left is particularly steep with not much of a chance for traction and on the right side is a series of ledges big enough to grab hold of 35″ inch tires. Would choose the right side but is going to require fineness and good positioning to climb up it. While Cleveland Rock is extreme, however, I know of nearly factory H3 Hummer with a locker climb right up this obstacle without spinning the wheels because he chooses a great line.