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The Company Scepter out of Scarborough Ontario makes the absolute best Jerry Cans that money can buy. Although there is just one problem, they are not for sale in the United States because of CARB regulations that the EPA adopted on gas cans. Even though these Jerry Cans are incredibly hard to get a hold of, they are worth the trouble needed to go through.

In 2009 on January 1st, the regulations set forth by CARB were adopted by the EPA and set a bunch of standards forth for all portable fuel carriers sold within the United States. First of all, these regulation stipulate that all gas cans must have an automatic shut off before the target fuel tank overflows. Second, it must automatically close shut when removed from the target gas tank and remain shut. Third, they must only have one opening for both filling and pouring. Fourth, does not allow more than 0.4 grams of gas per gallon permeate through the canister per day. And fifth and final of the regulations set forth, all fuel canisters must come with a manufacturer warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship that lasts at least for an entire year. Here’s a link to the excruciatingly detailed PDF of all the regulations.

Scepter does make and sell gas cans that meet those standards, but I am ignoring these because they just don’t have the features I’m looking for. The Jerry Cans I’m talking about are the same ones that the U.S. Marines, Army, and Air Force use. The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC), which was designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army and Canadian forces for a leak-proof, rugged, safe, dependable and cost-effective plastic canister. While a few might squirm when you read the word “plastic,” rest assured that they will make any metal Jerry Can look inferior.

What makes these fuel cans so great, to begin with, is that they meet all the standardized dimensions of a military fuel canister. They will burn in a fire, instead of letting the fuel reach the flashpoint and explode sending shrapnel into the air. Has three integrated handles, allowing for one person to carry two cans in one hand, be able to hand off with out setting down or moving your hand, and of course a convenient handle centered over the load for long distance single carry. inside of the fuel, the canister is an air vent tube in the neck to keep pouring smooth. Threads inside the canister to accept adapters for stoves and also heating equipment. has an air chamber design integrated inside so that it will float if accidentally dropped into water. Must completely transfer all fuel to target fuel tank in under one minute. And while not a feature, but more of to give an idea of the durability these things have, they mean business weighting in at 5.8 pounds.

Just know that these Jerry Cans Scepter make were primarily designed for storing diesel and not none-leaded fuels (Gasoline). Which is why Scepter mainly puts rubber gaskets on there Military Fuel Canisters and when rubber is soaked with gasoline it swells and can damage the sealing mechanism. Scepter is far from inept from this problem and has a seal that works fine with both gasoline and diesel, which is made out of Viton. While costing a bit extra, the Viton gasket is completely necessary for planned storage of prolonged periods with gasoline.

Finally, Scepter also makes some great Military Water Canisters, which is the actual canister that is getting ran over in the featured image. Unlike the Fuel Canister, the Water Canister can be bought and shipped to anywhere in the United States. I do realize that the Scepter Military Fuel Canister cannot be legal sold to a citizen in the United States, but there are ways around it. For starters, eBay is a good option. So is hitting up your favorite 4×4 forum and putting up a post about scepter fuel canisters (they should be able to help get you pointed in the right direction). Military surplus stores are a good option too, but the guaranteed way to get a hold of these Jerry Cans is to just head up to Canada and legally purchase them there.

  1. Peter Clark Avatar

    I have one of those excellent Scepter Jerry Cans but I have lost the neoprene washer from inside of the lid or cover.
    Where do I get another one in Australia!
    All the best,
    Peter Clark

    1. Peter,
      I’m really not sure where you would get another in Australia, but get mine from the website, You might try and see if they would be willing to ship you one in Australia.

  2. Warren Charlton Avatar

    is it possible to get a pourer for these cans – I find it difficult to pour steadily from about waist height

    1. Have a look at the website

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