Sliders are Finished!



I have my H3 Rock Sliders back from the powder-coater, bolted on, and very reasonably priced. I have reached an agreement with the guys that help me build them and we are basically ready for production. I said that I wanted them to be “Over Kill” and I have more than met my goal with them.  I even hammered out a deal with the powder-coater so you can choose to have them powder-coated in any color your heart desires. Which I guess that means you could technically buy them right now from me.
For the most part I find the design to be exactly what I wanted. I only made on mistake, the tubing on my dives back in to soon, which will be changed for all future sliders. The powder-coating is superb, the lines are very clean, and the gaps are tight leaving me without much to say other than they look great.
All I need now is my first sale, and someone to bring an H3T Hummer over so I can make the modification to my sliders so they can bolt up to the H3T.