Legendary Blades



At Burning Man 2011 I brought with me the Gerber 01471 Suspension Multi-Tool , which is basically the same thing that Leatherman is famous for, except I think it looks way better and has spring loaded pliers. Regrettably though it broke, and I have to admit “I was doing something I ought not have done with it.” I was trying to cut up some really thick metal with the pliers so that I might fix a bike for this guy from Belgium that was camped next to me, but I just ended up braking that portion of the multi-tool.
While the rest of the multi-tool was still good to use, I decided I should warranty it out. So I filled out a paper explaining the situation to Gerber and mail it to their place in Oregon. After not hearing from them in 2.5 weeks I made a phone call to them and find out that they had already fixed it and shipped it. They told me that they normally don’t call or email you, they just fix it and send it back. I got mine back with-in three weeks with shipping to and from Gerber, plus the time it took to repair it. I was amazed at how easy it was, no hassle at all, and it came back just as good as new. I was surprised to find out that they even put another Gerber sheath in the package, you can see in the featured image, and there was note too that made me feel good.

Dear Valued Customer

Your Gerber Legendary Blades product has been replaced. We hope you continue to use our products for many years to come.

Thank you for being part of the Legend!

Be sure to visit our website at www.gerbergear.com to see all of our current products.

Even though I have been praising them, I have one last bug to pick. I wish they would make some products that use the ultimate metals that is at our disposal, like the D2 Tool Steel that my 583 Warn Barrage Knife is made of. Either-way, I still love this multi-tool and plan to buy more products from Gerber in the future.