XGO T-Shirt



Ever since I went to “The Red” I have realized that I needed some kind of performance t-shirt for hot weather. Obvious choices for a performance t-shirt are Under Armour and SmartWool, but I prefer something not so well known. Also, I find the prices those two ask for is a bit of an issue because I look at it as the shirt I’m just going to sweat into. So I began searching for a performance t-shirt.
A few requirements I had when deciding on a performance t-shirt I liked was first and foremost the shirt would seriously ward off the nasty smell of sweating, which knocked most company I knew about out of the list. The only ones left standing were Merino Wool Shirt which I would rather not pay for and the fable anti-microbial properties of t-shirts with silver in them. I only say “fable” because I knew that companies made shirts with silver in them, but for the life of me I couldn’t find a single one. Secondly, these t-shirts had to handle dissipating sweat rapidly, and finally, I wanted an athletic cut.
After about 4-5 months I literally stumbled across a company that met all my requirements, XGO. I was  excited when I read their slogan “Welcome to XGO-Highly-Technical, next-to-skin garments designed for PerformanceProtection, Comfort, and Durability.” The prices are just right for me at $27.00 a shirt and of course, their Tactical T-shirt has that athletic cut I desire. Even better yet was that XGO, a brand of Longworth Industries, is produced in America, more specifically West End North Carolina. They make a claim on their website that “all of our designs, sources, production, shipping, marketing, and management are handled within a 15-mile radius of West End, NC.” But I knew I was sold when I realize they had the fable AG-47 silver for anti-microbial protection.
The Tactical T-shirt is listed as a lightweight Technical mesh that weighs 4 oz./sq. yard, breathable, quick-drying that is ideal for hot to temperate weather. Form-fitting, especially under personal protection gear.

  • 100% Acclimate® Dry Polyester wick and dissipate perspiration and moisture away from the skin—keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for extended periods of activity.
  • Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection, As moisture passes through the fabric, Ag 47 Silver attacks the bacteria contained in the perspiration and effectively eliminate odor and harmful bacteria–improving overall hygiene.
  • Superior Moisture-Wicking
  • Lightweight First Layer
  • Won’t Shrink, Pick or Fade
  • Durable and Breathable
  • Extra Length
  • Clean Seams

After I got my first t-shirt I was so happy with it and that ordered 2 more within a month. I have no problem with the moisture-wicking properties and this year has been plenty hot and humid to test the shirt to the extremes. The Anti-Microbial Protection has me on the fence though, I think it smells way better than anything I have sweat into, and I swear it does. I just don’t think I have really put it to real challenge yet.  Durability is up for debate, but after a couple washes everything is fine, except the logo in the lower left corner is coming off but I kind of like that now that it is completely plain.
All in all, I recommend this shirt.