Tomahawk Peace Pipe



I’m a fan of smoking cigars occasionally, Romeo Y Juliet and Arturo Fuente being my favorites. One day however in a smoke shop, I inquiring about tobacco sold by the ounce. I was surprised to find out that tobacco is cheaper when purchased by the ounce, instead of in the traditional form of a cigarette or a cigar. It also comes in many different flavors, and overall I got about the same enjoyment from smoking a good cigar as I did from a pipe. So, I became interested in buying a tobacco pipe, but I had trouble finding something that I would actually smoke from and so began my hunt for a tobacco pipe.
About a year later at the Bristol Renascence Fair, I realized that a tomahawk with a peace pipe would probably be the ultimate pipe. With the powerful duality of war on one side and peace on the other, it would sure make smoking tobacco fun and interesting. As I thought about it more and more, the more I realized this was going to be difficult. A fully functional Tomahawk is going to be incredibly unique and most likely expensive. Even though the idea of not being able to afford it lingered in my mind, I knew that I had to at least find out what something like that would cost.
I began to search around the internet and immediately found cheap ones floating around, but they wouldn’t even come close to making the cut. I had better luck on, but again they where not what I was looking for, they had something missing. That something more you can see, but can never point at. Going extra mile is what I was looking for in my Tomahawk. I began to give up because I could not find anything remotely close to what I wanted. As a last ditch effort, I went to eBay in hopes that maybe someone might not realize how valuable or coveted a real Tomahawk would be, but no such luck on my part. Just more of that same old cheap stuff I kept finding.
Determined, I kept killing time on eBay in hopes I would find just one. When out of the blue I came upon a replica Tomahawk that was so close to what I wanted in both quality and price. “If their is one, there must be more, and one of those has to be the one,” I thought to myself. Sure enough, when I viewed all the things for sale from this user, I found my tomahawk. I knew it the second I laid eye’s on it. There it was, something so real, so solid in a world of fake hood scoops on cars, poorly manufactured Chinese junk, and the next Brittany Spears sensation, this Tomahawk was the real deal.
Made of Damascus Steel, the tomahawk is rust resistant, incredibly durable, and strong. This type of metal has legends of it cutting through rifle barrels, and others of it cutting a single hair in half that fell on it. The Tomahawk has a knife that unscrews from the top of the head, making very easy to clean the pipe along with having knife. Engraved on the axe is four skulls and crossbones, on the shaft is this beautiful brass inlay, and a brass filter inside the bowl too. I have used the tomahawk to chop wood a couple times so that I prove it was capable and the tomahawk did a fine job of it. The name “Felix” is engraved in both the leather sheath and the knife which I believe is the name of the axe-smith.
Finally, the whole point of purchasing it was quite impressive to me when I finally smoked out of the tomahawk. When properly packed this Peace Pipe Tomahawk smokes amazingly well, can be easily shared with 5 – 10 people effectively starting your own little pow-wow.


  1. I really love that Tomahawk Peace Pipe! Can you plase tell me where you got it and how much it costs? That is the most beautiful hawk I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your time.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Well I bought it on eBay from place in England, and to the best of my knowledge they can be found under but currently nothing is for sale, sorry man. Your best bet is to Just search eBay for “Damascus.”

  2. Benjamin R Hosfeld Avatar

    I just came across this post and I’m desperately looking for this pipe hawk now. Do you have any insight on how to track one down in 2016

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Might try, that’s where I found mine.

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