CamelBak Ambush



In my search of staying hydrated when running the trails I wanted a water pack that was durable, light, quick, and have that something more. That something more is something I can never put my finger on, but when I hold the CamelBak Ambush I know it is there, hidden. Possibly it is the whole military design/gear in a civilian world, or maybe that it simply works, but bottom line this pack inspires awe.
The CamelBak Ambush water pack carries 102oz (3.1 Liters) when full which is plenty for a day. The pack also has room for things like cameras, cigarettes, notes, a knife or two, and of course a multi-tool. The webbing at the bottom is perfect for attachments of just about anything, I use it to help carry my Tom-a-hawk for the up and coming burning man event. Of course with all the military gear it has a lifetime warranty. Comes in the colors AUC, Coyote (my personal favorite), Foliage which meets military standards for infrared reflectance (which hopefully won’t need that). Finally the pack is made of varying sections of 500D Cordura, 420D, 210D High density Nylon, and 7mm thick EVA foam for padding and measures out to be 16in x 10in x 5.5in (410 mm x 250 mm x 140 mm).
The pack even has the option of putting a filter in-line between the bladder and the bite valve so you can filter the water as you go. Developed by MSR you can rest reassured that this works flawlessly.
Having used this running, mountain biking, and what not this hydration pack is above the rest. And rightfully so, because the military uses and needs the best out there. I don’t see much room for improvement, everything is as it should be and has no negatives. If you are at all interested, don’t hesitate, just get it.