Leaky Sunroof

A few months ago I fixed an issue where the sunroof on my H3 Hummer wouldn’t properly drain the water. Which would make for a surprise after a particularly heavy rainfall. The problem was from going off-road with the Hummer and flinging mud and debris everywhere with the sunroof wide open. By design, all sunroofs leak which is why they have tubes to drain the water. If the mud and debris is forgotten about and never cleaned out, it tends to get jammed in the tubes. Once the H3 Hummer sunroof tubes are clogged, the water has no way drain out except out of the sunroof and sadly into my lap.

Fixing the clogged sunroof drains is a simple process. On the passenger side, you need to remove the plastic panel on the side of the dash to gain access to the lower portion of the drain tube that has this bent shape. This lower piece is white and has a black grommet on the firewall to drain the water out side of the vehicle. The upper portion is just a flexible black hose. I decided to disconnect the two hoses and use 125 PSI air pressure from an air compressor to blow the dirt and grime back out the way it came in. Be sure to point the other end outside the vehicle, because I didn’t the first time.

The plastic cover for the pillars on both the driver and passenger sides I found to be extremely easy to remove. Be careful with the plastic pillars because of the tiny speakers called tweeters are attached to the backside. I put a rag on top of the sunroof and end up blowing out the upper portion of the tubes using the air compressor opposite of how it drains. A bunch of debris came out again, remember to hold the rag down when clean out the drain tubes again using the compressed air.

H3 Hummer Dash Panel Removal Fxing Leaking Sunroof Clogg

If you look at the featured image at the top of the page you see the black rubber grommet on the white hose that makes up the lower portion of the drain hose for the sunroof. The outside of that grommet is inaccessible under the hood of the vehicle, which is why I pulled it off the firewall for cleaning. To reinstall the grommet back into the firewall, feel around with your fingertips to find a flat metal hole on the wall. Installing it will take a bit of effort on the passenger side. However the driver side is easily reachable, but taking pictures of it didn’t work out for me on either side of the vehicle.

H3 Hummer Side Panel Removed Leaky Sunroof

There is rearward sunroof drains on the H3 Hummer too. Fortunately myself, I never had to gain access to those tubes because they were never clogged for me. The process was a bit of learning experience for me because I made few mistakes, but overall it took just couple hours. Looking back, if I had the chance do it again, and knew what I know now, cleaning out the drain tubes on the sunroof would only take myself 25 minutes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me below in the comment section.

    1. I’m not mechanically inclined and I usually break stuff when I try what is yhe best way to resolve the problem. I JUST GOT MY H3 and the carpet is soaked

      1. You need to take it to a mechanic if you’re not inclined, tell the sunroof drains are clogged and need to be cleaned out. I recommend completely dropping the sunroof and cleaning all the mud and debris out because it will just clog those tubes up again.

  1. I had the driver side grommet out, I blew both sides out with compressed air, but it still has a slight leak, is there an area where the hose separates and could just be loose?

    1. The sunroof drain tubes only have two connections so I don’t think there is an area where the hose separates. Keep in mind though that there are four connections that I’m aware of.

  2. I only notice the two drain holes in the front, my h3 sits on a slight hill in my drive way so the water leaks in my sunroof and goes to the back. Are there drain holes back there that I’m missing or does it just fill to that point and then drain, because when it pours it even starts to come through the Mic hole in the headliner

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