1. Eric Rodriguez Avatar

    Hello, checking in on a 2023 update, do the ones you ship now extend all the way down? or is there a bit of a gap on the bottom? Thank you.

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Eric,

      The new version extends way further down. I’m trying to match the gaps between the door and fender to have an improved factory/OEM look. I’m also experimenting with thicker Aluminum for two reasons. Mostly because they can’t rust, and the other is that aluminum is softer than steel and should reduce the chances of damage to the vehicle. Also, I’m using 60% thicker material than the original design. Currently, I’m a bit delay with production because I want the new design to have a huge improvement in fitment quality. All-in-all I’m really excited to offer a greatly improved 2nd generation Light Bar Bracket soon for our H3 & H3T Hummers.

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