Customer H3 Hummer Winch Hidden



  1. Steven Frick Avatar

    Good Afternoon,

    I have added an array of your products to the cart on your website. Most of the products are on back order. Does this mean that the items need to be manufactured or are in the process of being manufactured? Mostly, if possible, can you tell me approximately how long before these products will be on back order? I ordered leaf spring clearance plate, leaf spring shackle, and the winch mount kit.

    Steve Frick

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      Hey Steve,

      I’m just a small time guy making these parts and I tend to run out here and there for just bit due to demand. I have no way to approximate how long because I don’t know which products you looking at. But everything is currently in stock except for the winch mount and rock sliders. I have 5 sets of rock sliders in production. And the rock sliders are changing up to 2nd gen version and I’m not quite complete. Looking to have the rock sliders in full production before July 2024.

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