August Update



Hey H3 Hummer Off-Road lovers, it’s time for an update about the parts and the new shop. Check out the video on YouTube below for a full rundown. As for cliff notes of what has been happening. First, the new shop that was going to laser cut, bend, and for those non-welded parts also powder coat the steel parts for us. Well, they can’t meet the requirements of quality I demand when it comes to laser etching. I want beautiful logos, torque specs, and instructions to be permanently laser engraved into the parts. This is why I have moved on to a new company that absolutely amazed me with a sample turnaround time. Within a 36-hour window, they delivered two sample laser engraved parts of the Off-Road logo and one of them was powder coated.

Secondly, parts are shipping, and I understand any frustration that you guys may be having with the delays. Trust me I’m in the same boat as you guys. The good news is that with this new manufacturing company I think I can still meet most of the deadlines I’ve set. Which is everything in stock before October and ready to ship, except for rock sliders.

Anyway, I need to get back at it. I promise that these parts are absolutely worth the wait. The parts I sell on are my passion and hobby for off-road adventures in my H3 Hummer. I’m making the exact parts that I wanted to purchase myself and the customers just help with R&D costs.