New shop & Tig Welded Parts


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I like to think that every challenge is just an opportunity to improve and move to a better position. I’ve parted ways with the company that produced all of the H3 Hummer parts for the last 10+ years. However, I look at this as an opportunity to finally reach some goals I’ve wanted for a while. I’ve never been satisfied with the quality of the welds. I felt limited in the quantities I wanted to order and also with the speed of revisions I wanted to incorporate into the designs. Then there was the time it took to ship out parts to the customers.

That is why I’ve brought in my good buddy Derrick Wells to help with all those problems. Derrick is an amazing welder that will finally take the quality of welds to absolute perfection. The steel comes laser cut, professionaly bent, and ready for Derrick to weld together from And Derrick has promised to never let parts sit on the shelf more than 1 week before shipping out to the customers.

Which leads to what we’re up to now. Currently, I’m investing everything I got into stocking up Derrick’s garage with H3 Hummer parts for you guys. I think by 2022 mid-September I should have nearly everything back in stock and ready to ship out. Trust me, I’ll take care of you guys the right way, just need some time to completely set up this new shop.