Wharton State Forest


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The east coast doesn’t have much when it comes to 4×4 trails and park, but it seems that New Jersey has a place of it’s own called, “Wharton State Forest.” While the trails are pretty much as easy as it can get and you might get surprised at what you see driving around back there. I find that the best part might be that it doesn’t have any fees or registration required to drive on the trails. (You know what I mean by that if you have ever been to Attica, Indiana at 9AM.) Your not going to find any technical trails or rocks to crawl, but you can find plenty of mud, swamps, and sand that could put up a challenge with a heavy rain.
There are some rules to follow, but it’s nothing special.

  • All vehicles must be street-legal, registered, and insured.
  • All drivers must be licensed
  • Travel is restricted to established roads
  • Stay off private roads, driveways, and gated areas

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