H3 Crash Testing




I happened upon some great video of the H3 Hummer getting it’s IIHS Rating and thought these two videos were to good to pass up.  However, now I’m a bit worried that the IIHS doesn’t quite have the grasp on their job as I once thought. Any true vehicle enthusiast knows the exact motor the vehicle has in it, especially if it’s something weird, but apparently IIHS doesn’t. They have the H3 Hummer listed as an 3.7L V6, when clearly the motor is actually an inline 5-cylinder motor. The tests are only done on 2008+ H3 Hummer models, and you can tell because anything prior 2008+ doesn’t have side impact airbag curtains. That part is nothing special, but when you consider that a 2006 and 2009 have the exact same rating I’m a little bit confused. Anyway, no point in continuing to talking when your most likely here to see the H3 Hummer crash into something.