Badlands Off Road Park


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The Midwest doesn’t have many options for weekend wheeling, but in the town of Attica Indiana the “Badlands Off-Road Park” delivers. With 800 acres of steep wall climbs, sand dunes, rock gardens, trails, mud, ruts, swamp, and stream crossings this park will not disappoint. Perfect for easy wheeling all the way up to extreme off-road sections. One of the nicest features in the park has to be the full-size vehicle only section with things to climb in every direction.

If your vehicle is stock or your just trying to get a feel for the park head to the full-size only section first and look for the green trail. The trail isn’t marked very well but that doesn’t matter to much just head in any direction, except when I sign says otherwise. If driven properly, the green trail has this awesome section where you drive in a decent size stream. In the winter this stream freezes and makes for very interesting fun when you break through the ice to the stream bed just below.

Once you’ve completed green trail you got two options. Run the very difficult but short pink trail, or head back near the parking lot and run the orange trail. If you got 35’s and a locker you might as well drive the pink trail since it is right at the entrance of the full-size only section and take some great photos. Otherwise, just head to orange trail and find out what the Badlands Off-Road Park really has to offer. Orange trail is very tight, and can be difficult at points, and expect to get scratches from the overgrowth but despite all that is the best trail they have. Especially if you find the rock garden at the end. Check out my H3 Hummer in the rock garden.

Badlands Off-Road Park has food stand once noon rolls around but most drive off to the McDonald’s or Subway in town since the food they serve isn’t spectacular or inexpensive. Before you head home don’t forget to stop by the repair shop in the back and air your tires back up to the appropriate PSI. A friend of mine made an amazing Badlands Off-Road Park Map which I recommend to have with because even I still get lost there. Last but not least, don’t forget to bring a flag on a pole before leaving for the park because they require it on all full-size vehicles.