Broken Bike



Between the Hummer Parts, adding features to the two current themes, and staying active in like sports I like, I haven’t had much time to myself. The other day I decided that I would finally get around to fixing my Kawasaki 2006 636 Ninja. After having some weird brake issue, and now the shifting has become difficult I thought I would take it upon myself to fix it. After series of bad events that was no one’s fault, I decided that I would do the work on my bike from now on.
After some research I thought that the shifter drum and shifter forks had been worn because of my driving style. It made sense, that if the up-shifting was difficult on my Ninja, that the mechanism responsible for shifting would be worn or shaved in spots. At first I was just going to get the bike ready for doing the work by removing the fair and some other things, but I just couldn’t stop once I started.
Kawasaki Ninja 636 2006 Clutch Assembly
The bad news came when I finally got the bike completely apart. The shifter drum, shifter forks, and the gears all looked brand new when I finally got a look at the parts. Not a single scratch on anything, no marring, just shiny brand new looking metal. The oil was perfect, couldn’t have had more than 1000 miles on it and was very clean. I was disappointed that the parts I looked up and order had turned out to be just be waste of time for myself.
The brakes problem I had was the weirdest thing I ever heard of. The brake would back bleed to the point where the front brake would disappear, but would take about two weeks. After months of back-n-forth with Kawasaki I was told that the brake had developed memory because I just didn’t ride the bike enough. I ended up with having my local motorcycle shop help take care of the problem got the work done for almost nothing.
That moment that I realized that the shifter forks and drum was in good condition, I knew that I should just hand the bike off to someone else to fix it. I’m disappointed, but the bright side is that I’m one step closer to fixing my bike. Anyway, I wanted to post up these photos of my bike’s internals, it was cool to see the back side of the pistons along with the cam-shaft, and maybe share some info about my problem in case any one else is having them.