Off-Road Fun


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My H3 Hummer Off-Road in the rock garden at Badlands Off-Road Park


On last Friday, I drove down after work to Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, Indiana and camped right outside the entrance in there campground. Cooked some food over a campfire while having a great time with some of my best off-road friends. The time change from Illinois to Indiana meant that we show up very late, but it wasn’t a problem because my buddy Mike had fire already going. All in all it was a great way to spend Friday night and Saturday.

This time around I aired down the 35 inch tires on my H3 Hummer from 35 to 12 PSI to get better traction and it became night and day the difference from 16 PSI to 12 PSI while off-road. I got a lot of work out of my rock sliders / rocker panel protection and also the skid plates that I have coming out soon. Not only do they provide protection great I also was able to slide right over rocks, mud, and downed trees with ease. If you watch below video closely you’ll notice, if you have factory leaf spring mounts, how my high clearance leaf spring mount save the shock mount on the Hummer at one point in the video.