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I was at Burning Man 2012 with my Brother and Sister this year camped at 2:39 and H. Even with all the rumors floating around Burning Man this year, it went off without a hitch, well “Wall Street” did burn a day late. So typical of them to be late, HA! Even with everything working out great I wish I took more photo’s, but I find it so hard for me. I just keep living in the moment not thinking about anything else.

The image I’m in above is right before we got into Gerlach, NV on the roads Jungo and state route 48 and in the dust behind me is Black Rock City, NV. I should mention that those roads are really just graded dirt and gravel, but I averaged just under 50 mph in my Hummer. If you have 4-wheel drive and don’t mind some bumps and the possibility of a flat tire, but that risk always exists even on the pavement, this road can save some serious time and has some very beautiful countryside to look at. When I drove the route coming from Salt Lake City, I turned off into this little town called Winnemucca where I gassed up and hit those dirt roads. Not to fret though, even though it is extremely remote there seems to be a mine of some sort and plenty of railroad tracks which means you should see some cars sooner or later if you happen to have car trouble.

I had a ton of fun partying with the guys from the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) on Thursday, maybe it was Wednesday not sure, but basically, it was 150 boomboxes that were all synced into a portable FM transmitter. We went to a bunch of places and started parties where ever we felt like it. We party inside the man, in sidewall street, at the bathroom, made a stop at the pink bar, and not to forget the pier. I was amazed at how awesome that many boomboxes all synced in can sound when played at the same time, but one, in particular, stood out. Tom, of Tom and Gary’s DDP, had this boombox that was made out of an old 70’s suitcase from the company TheBoomCase, picture of it below. I was surprised at how loud and power the thing was and how fun it seemed, basically, I want one.

Some other things of note were the awesome “fandango bar” on 2:15 and Edelweiss which is exactly the type of bar I like. The giant word “EGO” when it burned was quite spectacular with all the flames and pyrotechnics which I can’t wait to see a video of it. When the man burnt I was sitting just to the right of where dust devil tornadoes of fire were rapidly coming off because of the intense heat the fire was giving off. These fire fill dust devils were about 60 to 120 feet tall and about 2 to 3 feet in diameter with three of them at one time coming off in one direction, they were jaw-dropping amazing.

All in all, it was better this year.

  1. Austin Garatoni Avatar

    Just saw this post while scrolling through some Fandango info. Glad you liked the bar! We’ll be there this year as well and hope you can stop by for a drink or two. Austin-The big loud beer bong bartender

    1. WOW, Thanks for commenting Austin!
      I never thought someone would actually comment on this post, let alone someone from my favorite bar. I’ll be sure to at least stop by for a drink or two this year. I’ve Honestly been thinking about trying to camp kind of close to your bar because I plan to spend a bunch of time there this year.
      Anyway, I look for to getting a drink with you guys again.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Glad you got to hang with the DDP and their BoomCase : )
    -SiMo of the BoomCase Team

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