H3 Leaf Spring Mount



Over the past month or so I have been developing a replacement for the factory leaf spring mounts on the H3 Hummer, and now that I have tested my prototype, I figured it was the appropriate time to bring it up now. I originally got the idea from the Club Hummer Offroad forums in a thread where someone was discussing their disappointment that a product similar to the one here was being discontinued. After only just a few seconds of looking at the picture, I knew exactly what changes I was going to make and how I was going to do them.

First on the list of things to do was to obviously improve upon the ground clearance that is lacking on the factory leaf spring mount. I also wanted to make the leaf spring mount so strong that not only would it mount everything properly to the leaf spring but also act as skid plate/armor for the Hummer. Something that may seem like a drawback, that should actually be viewed as a benefit is that I decided to move the shock mount about 1.25 inches higher than the factory location. I decided on that because these side effects can be used to the advantage by replacing the factory shackles with aftermarkets ones that increase the ride high approximately 1 inch. Which effectively gives an extra inch of ground clearance between the body and the ground, with the shock in basically the same position it would be in the factory specs, and maintain that slight forward rake for gas mileage after cranking the torsion bars up for those bigger 35-inch tires.

Basically you get the best of both worlds, more ground clearance while maintaining the factory like ride qualities.

Some other neat things that I designed for these H3 Hummer High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts is that I went with heavier duty U-bolts custom made to replace the factory ones because they’re too long. I was also able to make it, for the most part, one solid piece of metal because I wanted it as strong a possible with super clean lines, the only other parts are the inner shock mount tab and a brace between the two shock mount tabs for added strength.

Look forward to being able to purchase these mounts on my shop in about a month on September 23rd, 2012.


  1. Are these available for Canadians…I’m very interested

    1. Of course, I’ve shipped to Canada a few times now.

  2. Any issues with this product yet and how would I go about buying these and who ships it….. UPS..FedEX…Puralator? How long do you figure it would take to ship to North Bay Ontario Canada…Three hrs east of Toronto Canada

    1. I ship only UPS, unless I’m given a P.O. Box number, and typically it takes one to two weeks to receive them. I can ship other methods, I just prefer UPS because they have the best service in my area currently. At this very moment in time, I’m a couple weeks behind because I’m switching over to a new design since recently selling out. The new design is really just for making it easier and faster to weld together for me, but there is some improvement in strength. If you compare the photos above of the old design too the new design is a major difference in strenght. You might want to watch the forums at http://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/ for updates, like this thread has the most recent photos http://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/showthread.php?3173-H3-High-Clearance-Leaf-Spring-Mounts/page13#185 .

      As for “Any issues with this product yet,” I have not had and I have not heard of any issues with the product from anyone while running the H3 High Clearance Leaf Spring Mounts. I did recall the first batch because they couldn’t be tightened to the factory specifications, but I immediately recalled them all made some changes so that they more than meet the factory torque specs.

      1. I really think what your doing here is a great thing for us non Jeep guys and I hope you continue as I don’t think I could ever part with my H3 and love the mods your coming up with for these machines….I’m also very interested in the rock rails, do they come powder coated? R they available now? They are a great price I might add …I never bought anything online before so I’m a little tentative….How do I know and be assured you can deliver a good product or a product at all? Do you have footage on some testing of these rock rails. I seen one picture with a jack on them but do you have video footage of them in action? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions

        1. Yes the price include powder-coating, PayPal takes most the problems out of shopping online. Have a look at https://schwarttzy.com/badlands-appreciation/ I have a bunch of photos where you can see the sliders in action, or go to http://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/ and ask around plenty of people on there can vouch for me.

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