Arc'teryx LEAF Echo


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There is only four other things that I own that are at this level of quality and design. My Springfield, this Icon MOTORHEAD Jacket (Black), an ECWS Sleeping Bag I got, and a Tomahawk Peace Pipe. While I have a bunch of other things that I would like to add to this category. I can’t because they fall short of the quality that the Arc’teryx Leaf Echo backpack commands.

While choosing the Echo backpack solely on the quality and design that the manufacturer has put into it is fine, I really choose it because of the respect it has for nature. Unlike almost every other backpack I see out there, the Echo is naturally colored and would rather sacrifice the weight to ensure better durability. The Arc’teryx color of the LEAF backpack is crocodile, which seems perfect for blending into any environment you could through at it. The zippers, snaps, and buckles all are oversize and heavier duty than anything you will be able to find at your local outfitters.


What is it about the wild and unnatural colors that has taken such a hold on all the out-doors junkies? I personally, would rather just blend in and be forgotten about.

Arc’teryx describes the bag as: “Intended for HALO/HAHO operations and extended patrols, the Echo Pack is tough, durable, and fully loaded. The pack’s design features a top-loading main compartment that eliminates failure points. This three-day pack is outfitted with a thermoformed hip-belt and V-frame suspension for comfortable and effective weight distribution, decreasing pressure points, and muscle fatigue. Other features include hydration pocket, MOLLE compatible PALS, one large pocket, and clean multiple strap management systems.”

Overall, I currently find this bag to be flawless. I wouldn’t change a thing or tell you that it has something that it is missing. It does need to be broken in, but I expect to have this backpack for the rest of my life. Trust me when I say, “that you need to just move the fabric back and forth in between your fingers once or just open and close a zipper on the bag and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”