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The “Tiny House” movement is all about this idea of not having a mortgage, the ability to literally move at a moments notice, and focus on what is really important in your own life. I have a dream of being nomadic, living in a small home built upon a trailer, just going where ever my heart decides to leads me that day.
While I don’t believe this is a life everyone can live, I know this movement has something at it’s core that tugs on all of our strings. And it’s not just the novelty of the idea, but the premise of cutting back to just the essentials and focusing on quality of things, not quantity. Funny it might be that, as you cut back for the sake of quality the quantity of quality begins to rise. Then again, maybe it’s this idea of simplistic living, but simplistic living in it’s self is complicated process of deciding what is and isn’t needed. Which also involves a complicated process of trying to get the most functions out of the fewest amount of things. How do you decided what the minimal amount of function that you need to be comfortable? And what couldn’t this be applied too?
Now my idea why these “Tiny Houses” are so popular is because we are all waking up to the idea that we are wanting to change the way we have balanced things out in our lives. First let me say, “I love the house my Father built,” but we have rooms in our house that are basically a waste of resources going completely unused. It’s nothing against my Father, just an observation. And just like the wasted rooms in my house, I bet you have some piece of clothing that you almost never wear, or worse, don’t like it. With the process of eliminating things, we find focus and time for the stuff that we really rank high among the priorities in our life.
This maybe why Burning Man is truly so amazing, because we are realizing a profound amount of things lacking that do not really matter.


  1. I love the tiny house movement! We have become really stressed out trying hold onto our debt prisons. We keep buying bigger houses and filling it with more stuff. Why is that?! For a lot of people, this is their whole life. Since when did “shopping” become a daily activity?! We need to quit going deeper and deeper into debt. Stop the madness. Ive been down sizing for the last few years from 3500 sq ft, down to 1200′. Its a great feeling of freedom. I’ve since quit shopping for “what-ifs”, and now only get what I need and will use. I don’t “store” anything anymore. Living in a smaller home and having less stuff creates a calmer environment. Im hoping to start building my tiny house in the next couple of years. It’ll be 200 square feet.

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