H3 Rock Sliders



The  H3 Hummer that I purchased regrettably did not come with the factory Rock Panel Protection and Under Body Shield Package that is offered through Hummer. So I thought I would just purchase the factory stuff from my local GM dealer, but I was quick to realize that Hummer gear is expensive and isn’t strong enough at that price. I also tried to purchase some aftermarket parts but this too was a dead-end because at least one of these three things stopped me. Ridiculous prices, poor design or lack thereof, and a good trustworthy website.

Which is why I have nearly finished my own Rock Sliders for the H3 Hummer. My Rock Sliders will be extremely affordable, with a target price range similar to what the aftermarket charges for Jeeps Rock Sliders. Only mine will be slightly higher in price due to the fact the H3 Hummer curb weight is heavier than your average Jeep Wrangler by about 1000 lb. I figure rightfully that these Hummer sliders should be slightly stronger, and that means a little extra in price.

Since I’m an Ex-Jeep guy, I will including the things that the Jeep Community expect when it comes to Rock Sliders. For example, every single Rock Slider should have 1.75″ DOM Tubing on the outer edge because it provides the most convenient place to use a Hi-Lift to lift a vehicle from. Also when off-road, your not trying to bash your way through or drag your vehicle over the obstacles, you navigate around and as a last resort “over. ” Which is why my Rock Sliders are designed to deflect and slide you off the object as easily as possible. Finally, while mine are the biggest and strongest by a long shot, they are not however extremely heavier than the competition because of the overall straight forward design.

All I have left to do on my rock sliders is to bend the tubing. So I look forward to having built my first pair of Rock Slider’s for the H3 Hummer built with-in about two weeks of this post date. Upon which I can do a final calculation of price. I am also in the process of designing my own Under Body Shield/ Skid Plate for the H3 Hummer with a price range goal of $300 dollars, that will cover from the factory skid plate that all H3 Hummers have, all the way back to the Transfer-Case.

Now for sale in my shop.