1-Ton Steering




Recently I bought JCROFFROAD 1 Ton Steering for my Jeep Grand Cherokee hoping to fix a bunch of problems that I have been having. Some of the problems that I have been getting is that when I hit a bump in the road at 55mph+ the Jeep wants to go in a different direction for a split second because of the Y steering linkage that comes with the jeep from the factory jeep changes the toe of the tires as the suspension cycles up and down. Also there is a lot of slop because of  the 6.5 inches of suspension lift that I hope to fix with Over-The-Knuckle steering raising the geometry about 4 inches and also help from a trick with a polyurethane spacer to fix basically all the problems leaving me with steering that should feel like it did from the factory.
Now their are some other major benefits with JCROFFROAD’s setup because of there design. For starters, the steering is flipped on top of the knuckles benefiting the geometry of the steering and raising the steering above the axle for increased ground clearance. Secondly, all four of the Tie Rod End’s are a very standard 1-Ton Chevy tie rod found at each and every Autozone, NAPA, and what ever else is near you. And most importantly, this setup is incredibly stronger than the factory one.
Now I know of pretty much every upgrade steering setup to choose from out there, but I choose this one over all the others because it is using all the same parts as the factory setup. Unless you knew about the upgrade, the only thing you would notice is that this steering is much thicker than the others. Also the parts that most other setups include are custom which means if they break your high and dry unless you are near some awesome 4×4 shop. The last reason is that spherical rod ends or heim joints require constant greasing and make squeaking noises, not to mention they are not legal for on road use in many states (even though no officer would know).