SOTO Pocket Torch

*Update – The pocket torch broke after a while in my backpack which was disappointing. It work great, just wasn’t design to take abuse. I wouldn’t recommend buying it until the make a stronger model.*
A while back I went to REI and stumbled upon the SOTO Pocket Torch used for igniting and I have been meaning to a write post on it because this thing is so handy. Basically the whole point of a SOTO Hand Held Pocket Torch boils down to not  having to bother with butane for fuel and instead using cheap disposable lighters. Other befits include a 2,300 °F (1300 °C) flame, electron ignition, its pretty much wind resistant, you know home much fuel you have left, and if it breaks you still have a lighter. Now the best part of the SOTO Pocket Torch is that you can break/turn the lighter up just like you did as a kid to play a joke on someone to produce a ridiculous flame and get a ridiculous strong little pocket torch. Also the SOTO Pocket Torch has won The Backpacker Editors’ Choice in 2010 and they have a nice little video demoing the it on a mountain.

The manufacturer website is SOTO Outdoors and I bought it at REI for $19.99.
The Specs are as follows:

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