Super 8.8 Installed




It has been a couple of days since the Super 8.8 kit was installed on my Grand Cherokee and I got to say I’m loving it.  The vibrations have stopped, the axle width is the same as the stock now, the rear end seems more responsive at speed, and the quality/strength is over-the-top. The installation was smooth except for having a lug-nut that refused to come off resulting in me destroying one of my TJ Rubicon Moab Rims.

I’m not about to do my own write of a “how-to” on this kit since the ones from the manufacturer is just fine, here’s a link to it and here is back up of it.

Some tips I would add since your cutting the axle up and not everyone has a bearing-puller I just used the bar on my Hi-Jack to get it out. Also, I feel like this is more of a 3-4 hour Job assuming you don’t run into any problems as I did.