Leaky Ford 8.8

In preparation for the coming winter, I have been fixing up my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have known about a leaky rear axle seal on my Ford 8.8 for a little while, which I figured was because someone overfilled it, and thought the problem would take care of its self.

To my dismay, it didn’t and now I think I have a bent axle shaft in there, which lead me to purchase a “Super Ford 8.8 Axle System” from 4wheelerssupply. The kit claims to make the axle 35% stronger than previously in stock form, but the strength isn’t why I purchased it. I purchased this kit for two reasons, One – I’m sick of the c-clips, and Two – I want to be positive both axle shafts are straight. The reason I’m sick of the c-clips is that every time I want to change an axle seal it costs me $60 in fluids for the differential and I have done this 3 times now.
Something to note is that the kit eliminates the problem that Ford 8.8’s have with side pulls putting to much stress on the c-clip and breaking the axle shaft.

The kit content is claimed to have

My kit is missing the bearings because they were out of them claiming that I could pick them up locally and receive the parts sooner.
So look forward to a write-up of the install of my Super 8.8 Kit this week.

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