GPS Tuner Atlas



I thought I should post up an update to my post on GPS Tuner 6.1, that a new version of the software came out. The new Version is GPS Tuner Atlas with some new features that I’m sure will impress you.

Some of the new features and improvements are:

  • Compatibility with an increased number of Windows Mobile devices
  • Worldwide Satellite Imagery – from DigitalGlobe satellite imagery
  • Greatly improved overall performance
  • Track point management
  • Importing KML files
  • Altitude, acceleration and speed graphs in trip computer
  • Enhanced Map Infobox functionality: ETE and ETA data, NMEA recording information
  • Supporting WQVGA and WVGA screens
  • Various Waypoint types
  • Improved route navigation
  • Improved Map data search function
  • Re-designed soft keyboard
  • Improved POI search function
  • Improved screen stack management
  • New modal and info screens