GPS Tuner 6



I am constantly looking out for new GPS products and software and every now and then I find some really good stuff, and it so happens I just came across a just such a product. GPS Tuner 6 is a GPS-software for windows mobile 6.1 phones, which enables the phone to draw 3D maps, record GPX tracks, digital compass, and digital elevation to name a few.
My current phone I have is HTC Touch Diamond which is running windows mobile 6.1 so decided to test this software out since I would be nice have my phone do almost everything for me on the trail.

  1. Take photo’s
  2. Map the 4×4 trails
  3. Geocach
  4. Surf the internet
  5. Make phone calls
  6. Check the weather
  7. Texting
  8. Etc.

To get started you install the software on your home computer which doesn’t take long. You must then register an account with them and try to install the software on the phone. I ran into a few problems because I am currently running Windows 7 on my home computer which their software doesn’t currently support. Once I install it on the computer in the house running Vista I had no problems, and started messing around with the software.
I personally thought using the software is very intuitive and simple. If you have ever used a Garmin or a similar GPS you already know everything there really is to know and could jump right it. I didn’t like how much processing power it uses but what can I expect from 3D Graphics on my cell phone, so expect short battery life if you leave the phone on constantly. I should note that if you where to check the 3D interface once in a while and put the phone to sleep in-between uses you could greatly extend the battery life.
All in all it is way better to me to buy this software at $84.50 instead of saving up for a Garmin Oregon 550t which costs $599.99 or the Dakota 20 at $349.99. With the best part being the fact that I always carry my cell phone with me. But I can’t help wanting a Dakota 20, and I should also mention I feel as though GPS Tuner 6 has the better 3D graphics.