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The H3 Hummer is an off-roading 4×4 beast, first and for most. Don’t ask about Chrome, 20″ Tires, Stepbars, Lowering the Vehicle, or anything else of the sort around here. I proudly manufacturer aftermarket parts for the H3 Hummer to improve the upon the off-road abilities. The store is located here, the Under Body Protection Skid Plates and Hidden Winch Mount are my favorites parts so far. I’m not always the best resource, as I’m just an enthusiast, be sure to hit up Hummer 4×4 Off-Road Forums and the Facebook Group – H3 Off Road. Below is a list of PDF files that I share so that we can maintain the legacy that is the H3 Hummer.

What’s to come in 2018 you ask? Well, the plan is to make this a much better guide to the H3 Hummer. Which starts with listing all of the aftermarket off-road parts that made for the H3 Hummer. Meaning all the competing companies parts. Of course, I’m going to browbeat people away from certain products that I think we should avoid. Like Blistien Shock, I don’t recommend them… or those dual tip exhaust, what in the hell was the person thinking came up with that “bright idea“. I’m nearly finished with this new Bluetooth project if you’re not into aftermarket radios but would still like to send hands-free calls and listen to music using the OEM radio. Also got an High-Lift / CB Antenna Mount / Bottle-opener project I’m working on too.


Schwarttzy.com H3 Hummer Off-Road Parts

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Looking for the answers to your H3 owes? Maybe you want to show off those pictures of vehicles war paint. Basically, if it has to do with the H3 Hummer, hit up these two groups. The Hummer 4×4 Off-Road is Like Nowhere Else. Called H40 for short, the forum for HUMMER, 4×4 and Off Road fans. And of course is the Facebook group H3 Off Road, which is just for us H3 owners. Share pics info tech tips anything you want, try to keep it h3 related.


Radiator Upgrade

I’ve noticed a large amount of H3 Hummer owners having issues with their radiators. However, I have 150,000+ miles on my H3 and have never had any real issues to date so far. The problem typically is because of the radiator pulls double duty for both the coolant and also the transmission fluid. If the fluids ever mix due to a broken seal or seem it will destroy the transmission very quickly. So the options are to buy another factory plastic one…. (cue the crickets chirping) or you can upgrade to the CSF Heavy Duty Hummer H3 Radiator or the Ron Davis 1-16H3T Radiator. They’re premium all aluminum radiators that sure to outperform that plastic on the H3 comes with from the factory.


Winch Mounts

Single handly the most important tool for off-road fun has to be a winch. I’d argue that a winch is even more important than lockers and tires. Sure there is no style points for winching over an obstical, but honestly… “Who cares how you made it down the trail?” So the first thing to figure out is how to mount that winch. I designed, manufactor, and sell the H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount. My winch mount convienatly hides an 8,000lb winch behind the factory bumper. The clutch is easily access by reaching through the radiator grill. Keep syntheic lines out of the damaging UV ray of the sun. And has near perfect OEM look to it. However, if you like to purchase something different my buddy over at Thor Parts and his H3/H3T GEN II FRONT WINCH BUMPER. Finally, if you have more money than brains there is always the Predator H3 Winch System.


Getting Your Oil Checked

Next time that vehicle is up for an oil change, I recommend getting the used oil analyzed at Blackstone Laboratories. “Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what’s in the oil.” Source Located in Fort Wayne Indiana, Blackstone Laboratories provide an easy to understand report of the vehicles engine condition. The test kit from Blackstone is completely free, so there is no reason not to have a test kit laying around. Head over to this page and fill out the form to get a test kit. The process was completely painless for myself, and even caught an issue that I had been overlooking.

Aftermarket Parts I recommend

List of PDF files for the H3 Hummer

Hummer H3 – Airbags
Hummer H3 – Anti-lock Brake System
Hummer H3 – Automatic Transmission
Hummer H3 – Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures
Hummer H3 – Bumpers & Fascias
Hummer H3 – Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation
Hummer H3 – Clutch
Hummer H3 – Cruise Control
Hummer H3 – Disc Brakes
Hummer H3 – Displays & Gages
Hummer H3 – Electrical Components
Hummer H3 – Engine Exhaust
Hummer H3 – Engine Cooling
Hummer H3 – Engine Mechanical 3.5L
Hummer H3 – Engine Mechanical 3.7L
Hummer H3 – Engine Mechanical 5.3L
Hummer H3 – Exterior Trim
Hummer H3 – Fixed & Moveable Windows
Hummer H3 – Frame & Underbody
Hummer H3 – Front Drive Axle
Hummer H3 – Front Suspension
Hummer H3 – Getting to Know
Hummer H3 – Horns
Hummer H3 – HVAC 2
Hummer H3 – HVAC
Hummer H3 – Hydraulic Brakes
Hummer H3 – Interior Trim & Paneling
Hummer H3 – Lighting
Hummer H3 – Maintenance & Lubrication
Hummer H3 – Manual Transmission
Hummer H3 – Mirrors
Hummer H3 – Owners Manual
Hummer H3 – Parking Brake
Hummer H3 – Power Seats
Hummer H3 – Power Steering
Hummer H3 – Propeller Shaft
Hummer H3 – Rear Drive Axle
Hummer H3 – Rear Suspension
Hummer H3 – Seat Heating and Cooling
Hummer H3 – Service Reminder Indicators
Hummer H3 – Steering Wheel & Column
Hummer H3 – Sunroof
Hummer H3 – Transfer Case
Hummer H3 – Vehicle Access
Hummer H3 – Wheel Drive Shafts
Hummer H3 – Wipers & Washers
Hummer H3 – Wiring 2006
Hummer H3 – Wiring 2007
Hummer H3 – Wiring 2008

  1. Wish I could have found these links yesterday. Just got done replacing my A/C condenser and it would have gone much smoother had I had it. Oh well, it’s good to know that I got it out and back in the correct way! Thanks for posting these – you’ve been bookmarked!

  2. This is awesome! I am going to be placing my order for your aux in. Thank you so much! You just saved me a ton of money on a new radio! The information is also very helpful since I have to track down some wiring issues!

  3. Hello,

    I am hoping to find a solution to my H3 that keeps shutting down as soon as I start the ignition, in a second. Something to do with the anti-theft system, have tried to reset it but nothing works. All the diagnostics say all systems are functioning as normal.

    Any advice is appreciated

  4. I have a 2006 H3. All stock but thinking about making some changes. Currently have 265/75R16 tires. Do you know if a 285 will fit without any kind of lift? Looking for the best tire/wheel combo I can get to accommodate more off road travel. If I do have to lift, what is the best possible way to achieve the amount of lift required to fit a 285 tire? Thanks!

  5. Hey,
    Love my H3, biggest concern I have is that since Hummer is defunct the parts will dry up or become hard to get. I recently had someone point out to me that while HUMMER is gone, GM is not and since they are the true manufacturer we will be good to go for decades to come. Do you agree? Is this a sinking ship?

  6. Just bought my first Hummer; (2007 H3), already cleaned the throttle body and am going to replace the CV drive shaft axles and your site is the ‘Cat’s Meow’! Kids are grown/off to college and wife and I can now spend more time on the water and trails, I prefer to do maintenance on equipment myself and your website will be my GOTO source. Thank You for your hard work in this site development and very much appreciate the details!

  7. Do you have wiring diagram for factory 2008 H3 Back-up Camera kit? I have the factory rearview mirrow with the Onstar and the camera that pops out when shifted into reverse. Need the wiring diagara so my guy can connect a camera.

  8. Hey there! Great website, lots of info though I am curious to the one thing I couldn’t seem to find. Been having an issue with my front seat’s trim panel over the power controls. I think I need to replace the clip that holds it to the seat as well as the foam as its pretty mashed down (The foam that is) Do you have any info on replacement or clips for the front drivers seat trim panel with the power lumbar? I kept finding references to it in the pdf manuals but couldn’t find the info itself with picture or diagrams. Any help would be great! I love my 07 Black beauty!

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