2nd Gen Rock Sliders H3 & H3T Hummer

I’m excited to announce that 2nd Generation H3 Hummer Rock Sliders are nearly in production. The goal has been to improve upon the design while addressing issues. The most important issue being addressed is bringing down the cost of shipping. I also wanted a modular design to be able to implement new features. Even so far as custom design requested features. Then I want to completely eliminate the issues with the sliders rusting. Finally, there is the issue of reducing the cost along with being able to say confidently that these parts are without compromise.

Fuel prices are way up, steel is heavy, and the cost of shipping is getting worse every year. This is a great segway into why a 2nd Generation rocker panel protection, commonly referred to as rock sliders, began development. The quickest way to reduce the cost would be to ship the rock sliders together. However, 1st Gen rock sliders weigh in at about 68lb. each. Because of the combined total weight of the two sliders, they can’t be shipping methods using normal methods. This is why I’ve chosen to use Aluminum, instead of steel, to reduce the overall weight. Also, I’ve gone with a modular design. This modular design allows for a much smaller box when shipping with both of the rock sliders inside.

Isn’t Aluminum weaker than steel?

Not when I double the wall thickness.

Whenever someone holds one of my off-road parts, I want them to be thinking about how absolutely excessive the design is. If someone tells me that a part of my design broke, I want the first thought in my mind to be if the vehicle is even still in one piece. Parts that fail while off-road just aren’t worth their time. This is why when switching from steel to Aluminum I decided that the thickness of those parts needed to double. I never want the strength of my parts to ever be questioned.

Modularity has been the name of the game with my latest designs. Specifically, I’m going to have some new products out soon, before spring 2023, for the Modular Tire Carrier. Although to stay on topic, the 2nd Gen rock sliders are a modular design to enjoy some particular benefits. 1st benefit is reducing the cost of shipping, by separately shipping the heavy 3/8-inch steel frame rail brackets and a bag of bolts in a USPS Flate Rate Box this allows for the rock sliders to be shipped together in the smallest possible box. Then for my H3T friends out there, that’s right, I’ll be able to finally start having the rock sliders in stock for those H3T Trucks out there. Finally, I’d like to start offering different designs without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Or have expensive overhead costs.

Unless that Hummer is just a mall-crawler, steel rock sliders are going to rust. I’ve had my 1st proto-type rock sliders for 10+ years now and I’ve even had them get re-powder-coated because of the extensive use. Maybe I’m getting old, possibly it’s laziness, but overall I’m tired of dealing with rust. This further justifies why I’ve made the change to mostly use Aluminum for the rock sliders.

Summarizing this post up, I’m excited to take another one of my designs and improve upon it in every way. Using better CAD programs for improved design. Reducing the cost of production and methods of delivery. Shaving unnecessary weight off the vehicle for improved performance. Everything for that little bit better gas mileage. And it’s not that I need to get better mileage, it’s because I can, and I want to. Finally, I look forward to future modifications, such as rock lights, and most importantly a huge reduction in the cost of production.

    1. Hey Michael,

      I’m working on a slightly different design now using all the criticism that I collected. Looking at a steel frame, with bolt 3/8-inch aluminum skid plates now. This way I should have the best of both worlds. Light weight, steel strength, and reduced cost of manufacturing.

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