The website was down



I’ll start by saying that don’t have plans to stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing here on any time soon. I’m still selling the off-road parts for the H3 Hummer. I’m working on a huge update for the WordPress Theme – Adventure that is taking me forever to finish. Then there is the G4 Cookie Skydiving Camera Mount that I’m still working on.

I didn’t notice that the website broke sometime early on Saturday. On Sunday, when a customer mentioned issues with the website I was shocked to see the website wasn’t working. The WordPress installation was having issues finding the locally hosted database on the server. I started with power cycling the server which didn’t work. Then I check if one of the plugins had potentially caused the issue and rename the plug-ins folder so that file paths would fail to load the plugins. However, that still didn’t fix the issue on I began to worry about how serious this could be.

What finally fixed the issues was restarting the MySQL database on the server. Which is the first time I ever fixed a website by turning it off and back on again. What a super weird issue to have.

Anyway, just wanted to reassure everyone that everything is fine and share this photo of the Moon that took with my buddy Dustin and his telescope.