Upper Control Arm H3 Hummer Replaced


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The 2008 Alpha H3 Hummer #WarWagon needed the upper control arm replaced because of a failing ball joint on the passenger side. Prior to shooting this video, I’d already replaced the control arm on the passenger side. When an arm gets replaced the other should be replaced too. The reason to replace both is that the Hummer needs an alignment after installation. At $100 from Amazon Prime the time an effort dictate that both should be.

This isn’t the first time that control arms have been replaced on the WarWagon. 4WD parts in San Diego replace the arms less than a year ago. In hindsight, I regret letting them work on my vehicle. The parts they used were cheap. The alignment pins were missing and the alignment keys were facing the wrong direction too. This disappointingly feeds into my preconceived notions that 4WD parts aren’t a quality servicing company. Just a junk brand cashing in on uninformed customers.

I recommend purchasing these Amazon Prime parts:

Finally, don’t forget to drive straight to the nearest quality alignment shop and get the caster, camber, and toe corrected.

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