Headlight Foglight H3 Hummer Upgrade




Note: It’s October 5th, 2023 and I wanted to update this post. With some new recommendations due to products not being sold and other issues. Without delay, here we go.


I would like to suggest three reasons to not upgrade to LED, Projector, and custom brackets for headlights and foglights. For starters, it is incredibly expensive and time-consuming for nearly the same result in the end. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with the current foglight/headlight setup. Instead, it has only to do with the temperature range, i.e. the color of light. The third and final reason, I really recommend not becoming the jerk driving down the road with the obnoxiously bright incorrectly aimed lights blinding everyone they pass.

I like the idea over at Lased Designs of using the 7″ Jeep RGB and LED Projectors. But the prices get out of control quickly for nearly no gain when I spend $30 on Amazon. Then with time factored in removing the grille, messing with the headlights, and reassembling your $1000 dollars and 5-8 hours of your time for something that will perform barely better than some correctly aimed headlight with the correct temperature. Then there is the loser yuppie factor of having overpriced junk installed on your vehicle. Anyone of any intellect will know that you wasted $1000 and probably an entire day of your life to become the guy that blinds others driving past the opposite way. Trust me when I suggest that having these headlights and foglights is not the way to go.

I suggest instead learning a little bit about light bulb color temperatures and purchasing options on Amazon for the best result just the same as in the image below.

Stopped here 10:45AM, be back, headed in for a work, be back

Today I’m suggesting upgrading the H3 Hummer headlights to the $9.12 EVO Formance H13 93419 Spectras and the foglights to the $11.90 CK FORMULA H10 Halogen Bulbs instead of those expensive time-consuming LEDs, HID, and Projectors. The reason why I suggest these light bulbs is because I believe that form always follows function. Implying I won’t just bolt a part on my Alpha because it looks cool. The part has to solve a problem that is limiting me from obtaining my goals. My ultimate goal off-road is to go further on the trail and have as much fun as possible.

For example, I have never been off-road and said: “If only I had those LED lights with the cooling fans I could have gotten further on that trail or had more fun.” However, I have been on trips several times where a vehicle breaks down because of some unnecessary bolted-on part. Fixing pointless wiring systems and broken hoses on the side of the trail mostly come to mind. After the 5th time held up on a trip, I realized that things like HIDs, Light Bars, fake hood scoops, etc. are counter-intuitive to my goals.

But brighter Headlights and foglights that have a better color that is easier on the eye sure would be nice.

The first thing I recommend to improve the lighting on the H3 Hummer is to get ahold of a cordless drill and the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, 39008 and cleaning the lens both the foglights and headlights. I can’t express how much improvement can be made with 20 minutes of some elbow grease and this $10 lens restoration kit. Next, get rid of those OEM warm-white color hue light bulbs that are more fatiguing to the eyes than the improved ultra-white light bulbs. And then call it a day. Drink that beer. Or better yet, head on out to that trail using all this extra time and all the cash saved on the next adventure.


  1. Do you have video showing how the installing goes with the EVO Formance H13 93419 Spectras on the hummer h3

    1. Schwarttzy Avatar

      I don’t have any video, but it straight forward. Line up the keyed light bulb and twist to lock-in the bulb. Although, it will take a minute to get the light bulb to line up. In the future, I’ll be working to record videos like this.

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