Inexpensive Headlight Upgrade for H3 Hummer

Today I’m suggesting upgrading the H3 Hummer headlights to the $9.12 EVO Formance H13 93419 Spectras and the foglights to the $11.90 CK FORMULA H10 Halogen Bulbs instead of those expensive time-consuming LEDs, HID, and Projectors. The reason why I suggest these light bulbs is because I believe that form always follows function. Implying I won’t just bolt a part on my Alpha because it looks cool. The part has to solve a problem that is limiting me from obtaining my goals. My ultimate goal off-road is to go further on the trail and have as much fun as possible.

For example, I have never been off-road and said: “If only I had those LED lights with the cooling fans I could have gotten further on that trail or had more fun.” However, I have been on trips several times where a vehicle breaks down because of some unnecessary bolted-on part. Fixing pointless wiring systems and broken hoses on the side of the trail mostly come to mind. After the 5th time held up on a trip, I realized that things like HIDs, Light Bars, fake hood scoops, and etc. are counter-intuitive to my goals.

But brighter Headlights and foglights that have a better color that is easier on the eye sure would be nice.

The first thing I recommend to improve the lighting on the H3 Hummer is to get ahold of a cordless drill and the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, 39008 and cleaning the lens both the foglights and headlights. I can’t express how much improvement can be made with 20 minutes of some elbow grease and this $10 lens restoration kit. Next, get rid of those OEM warm-white color hue light bulbs that are more fatiguing to the eyes than the improved ultra-white light bulbs. And then call it a day. Drink that beer. Or better yet, head on out to that trail using all this extra time and all the cash saved on the next adventure.

    1. I don’t have any video, but it straight forward. Line up the keyed light bulb and twist to lock-in the bulb. Although, it will take a minute to get the light bulb to line up. In the future, I’ll be working to record videos like this.

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